Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 Months!!

Yes!! Our little one is 5 months old. Only one month from 6 months WoW!!! He is now liking his tummy a lot more which you will see in his 5 month pictures that I should get done here in the next day or two!! Started today but he bumped his little head and was through with all of that!! He is eating a full 8 oz bottle every 3 hours about!! Reaching for everything and almost holding his bottle. Smiles at everyone and is following our voices extremely well, including answering to his name well also. He is almost sitting by himself, he just gets to excited and throws himself backwards (what happened today). He isnt to bad side to side just a little help needed there. And he is officially in 6-9 month clothing at least his pants. Even though when we get our beautiful weather back he can still have the 3-6 month shorts and shirts because they don't depend on length. But we definetly need new pjs. I want to get him these oh so cute ones, but really I want all stripped ones and they have to be light for the summer. ooHHH i want these too!! On to ebay for Karidan!! Oh and he has two bottom teeth!! Can't forget those they are soo cute!!

Anyways... I finally got Afton's Birth Announcements done, like I knew I would once I got done with school. They turned out real good, can't wait to see how they look on paper. I did some for Kristen but she hasn't SENT one back yet!! BRAT!! Sorry... But yeah I am going to get those out to everyone that didnt get to come to a shower in the next week so be looking for those!! Here is what the front looks like...

I still have to finish up there pictures here soon. I also have to get over them and see them real soon. I wish Jaemen could meet them but we are going to wait on that we don't need germs getting switched between them. Maybe a little on Mothers Day they can meet!! Not much else to share I will get his 5 month pictures posted here real soon!!! They are going to be BRIGHT heheh!! Something to look forward to!!

Karidan and Jaemen!!

p.s I dont know if you guys that read this threw email can get the links that I post. But when I say I want something or the word is underlined it is a link to what I am talking about!! You might have to visit the actual blog to get the links!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Isnt he so precious??? I love him to death!! I just remembered through that I didnt tell you guys that we have TEETH!!! They finally poked through on Monday. You can feel them real good, they are the two on the bottom!!! With that said... We havent had a good day since. He is pretty iritated with it and let me tell you the drool. It is coming in BUCKETS!! Today he has slept a totally of maybe 2 hours altogether when it is usually 2-3 hours each nap (3 naps). So we don't have a very happy baby!! This is a picture of him sleeping during one of his cat naps!! I have though gotten a lot of scrapbooking done I am pretty happy about that. This is one about the park visit we just had!! 2 pages in a week I usually dont get one done a month!! Hopefully soon I can go back to paper scraping this is just soo much easier and a lot LESS messier... enjoy

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Taste of Fresh Air

We took Jaemen to the park for the first time today!! We had some free time today becasue we were suppose to go and see Grandpa and Grandma Chapman but we have to wait for the sickies to pass so we went to the park instead!! At first he really wasnt really feeling it as you will see by the look on his face! We had a lot of fun though... We had Big Sister today for a few hours and Meagen was in town and wanted to see Jaemen so we decided to get out and soak up some sun but by the time we got out of the house it had started to look like it was going to rain and got windy!! So we played for about an hour and the little one was pooped out!! As soon as he hit the car I dont even think we got to the express way he was OUT!! All that fresh air does that to you!!
So we went on the ....

Slide (click to make large)


The Pink Pig!! I love this picture!!

Daddy - Son moment!!

Momma and Baby!!

Big Boy!! Walking before we know it!!

There is just a few pictures!! hehe.. I took a lot and Meagen took a lot too!! I cant wait to show you those we got a lot of cute ones on her camera!! I WANT HER CAMERA!! err... maybe in a year!! Anyways... if you want to see all of the pictures you can go here!!!

On another note... GUESS WHAT??? I am pretty sure I got my first Senior picture job!! I am so excited!! I need to get some prices together for her but I really needed to get a senior to get a portifilio going and get others!! Seniors is where the money is really at!! People spend hundreds of dollars on those so I can do it for a cheaper price they will certainly give me a chance espectially if I have other examples of what I have done!!

I will post the pictures from Meagen soon!!!

Karidan and family!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Tubby in the SINK!!

Jaemen is just getting to big to lay down in his infant tub and I am just to scared to sit him up in it yet because he throws himself backwards all the time. With him all soaped up and slippery I dont even want to take that chance.... So I put him in the sink like our parents did and a lot of people still do that dont have the infant tubs with shower (what we have) or they have a SPA one now too WOW!!!But the good ol sink works too!! But you actually want to know something!! He was almost to big for that too!! OH did I tell you!! When JJ went to the doctors he was just over 17lbs WOW!! BIG BOY!!! I am pretty sure that is like in the 100 percentile for his age!!

Other then that, not much is going on here.. other then he did get a walker today from Waddles and Toddles (consignment store $14.99 yeah) he got to play for about 15 minutes today and i set him in the middle of the room and he went backwards and hit a wall I was like did your daddy move you?? And Sherrow said he didnt!! I was like wow awesome he can move on the carpet!! So I will have pictures of that of course hehe!!

My nephews are still in the hospital and I still havent been able to see them. With Jaemen being sick I dont want to give them that funk if I happen to come down with it too! So I think Monday I will go up and see the little peanuts. I gotta go and see my sister first and foremost though I havent seen or talked to her in a while.

SCHOOL IS OVER!!! ONLY EXAMS LEFT!! YEAHHHHH!!!! Oh and that test that I studied forever on... I did better then I did on all the other test and did way better then the average of the class!! I missed my goal by two points but I did well and it was a real hard test. The Class did worse as a whole and I did better then my usual so I am proud and Happy!!!

<----------This is what I woke up to this morning too when I came out of the bedroom how precious!! I love my boys!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long over Due Pictures....

Here are some pictures I finally got edited tonight. Not all of them but it was a good start. I took these like almost two weeks ago and have been so busy I havent gotten to them. I was thinking about them tonight and hoping that they get better soon and wish I could go see them. But I dont want to bring the sickies home with JJ all ready sick!! He has a doctor appt tomorrow by the way so wish us luck with that!! Anyways... Here are my favorites so far. Oh and I had to put my copyright on them so that no one possibly looking at this could print pictures off these are my good pictures. (since you can print them off from that Google Picsa) Regular Candids of Jaemen and anyone esle wont have that so you can print them off but not my good pictures. And if you do want them (family members or aftons friends) she will be putting in a large order later when they get a little larger and we can get a few more and you can tell me or her and I will order them at that point. Let me know what pictures you want and what size and I can get it for you!! I will get back to you with prices for everything. I almost have my website up with all prices and everything!! Done talking now I have to get to bed. Eight o clock class!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Well unfortunately we have a sick baby over here. Along with the rest of the world because of all the weather changes. I wish it would just pick I cant wait to get Jaemen out of this house and show him the world hehe... anyways... I dont have that much to talk about really I have just been studying and studying and studying some more hopefully that all payed off.

Other then that.. Jaemen has a new toy. Well I guess not new parsay but to him it is. He likes it but he doesnt quite get it yet. He doesnt know how to stand up or just lean so he doesnt have to sit in it yet. But here are a few pictures....

Not to much esle is going on here. Oh yeah Sherrow has been approved to go on the road and open up new Logans resturants and do corporate Training. Pretty exciting thing other then the fact he might be gone for up to 3 weeks at a time. But that wont be until at least August hopefully. So I guess we will see how that goes he is real excited though. And with the thought about Daddy here are a few pics I caught of daddy feeding Jaemen for the first time. I think it was sweet potatoes oops nope cross that out it was Squash!!! I will leave you guys with this. Have a Good week. Oh I will be taking new good pictures of Jaemen tomorrow!! Be on the look out and I am actually going to get around to editing the twins pictures too!!

Daddy is a little messier then Mom but he does a good job and gets it done right!!!

-Karidan and Jaemen

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring is HERE!!!

I am soo excited it is suppose to be in the low 60's and High 50's all week!!! Jaemen went outside for the first time with out a cramsuit (coat) and blankets covering him all up today!! He was blinking so many times acting like it was all bright even though it is pretty overcast today!! (pretty good day to go out and take some pictures) hehe.. Anyways... I took him out and just took like two pictures of him on the porch! I was going to take him out on a blanket in the yard but the ground is a little soft still!!!

He looks so mean though hehe... He was just checking everything out!! Dont have much to talk about today just wanted to post that picture and a pic of him on his tummy he is getting better at it and is moving his little legs to get going and if he wouldnt get so upset about being on his tummy he might figure out he can some what get around he just needs to lift up on his arms!!

Oh yeah We might have some teeth pictures soon!! We have had a pretty crabby baby just at night though not to bad!!! But he is chewing on EVERYTHING!! His fingers are goign to be raw I swear!! And he might also rollover here soon as you can see in the second picture!!! Cant wait!! Espectically for the teeth!! Two bottom ones you can see them real good now!!