Sunday, June 14, 2009

So he doesn't like...

The beach!! Today we went to the beach but Jaemen was NOT having it AT ALL!!! He didnt even want me to stand with him in my arm in the water. He also didn't like the sand. Yes he is a wimp but he will get used to it!! He ended up playing in the sand only if he could sit on a towel though. Wow never really expected this from the boy that plays all day in the bath tub. So we will keep going back and sooner or later he will get better. I hope...

Yes... I am having extreme troubles taking pictures of JJ outside. You have to be quick on your toes and I am trying to stay in Manual mode the whole time but it just seems like he is always soo dark in all of the pictures. Or I get a good picture of him and then blow out the background. What to do?? I dont know!! I will be researching some photography websites and figuring out my problem though!! Maybe Fill Flash?? Why am I still talking though the only one that probably knows what I am talking about is Meagen so I will just call her later.. So Meagen expect a call!! haah

Love you all

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miss Fuhr....

I had a newborn shoot yesterday that I have been waiting for since I found out my girlfriend was having a little girl. Expect to see a lot more of this little one to come.. I have visions of cute little of these , this, and this... But here she is at 10 days old...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Look who's 18 months

Yes my little boy is one and a half years old... and the neighbor across from us had this cute little house and slide so I decided to get it for him. I have been looking for more things outside and I think this completes his little collection of toys but this boy LOVES to be outside. Dont you just love that laugh below in the second picture he is such a nut. At this point I wish I would have had my new lens on so I could have gotten closer but I guess we will just crop.

Just a few facts about Jaemen at 18 months....

1. He is in 2T shirts and 18 month shorts and 2T pants with a belt to hold them up

2. He has All of his teeth and I am sure actually he has had most of them since he has been 14 months

3. He is the best cuddler when he wants to be but will tell you "NO" in a hot second and doesnt know how to say yes!

As you can see the pictures are getting better outside but they are still a little dark sooc (straight out of camera) so I am still trying to work on that but I have a newborn shoot coming up and I cant wait!!