Friday, October 16, 2009

Jaemen's X-mas list...

Well first I just want everyone to know that Sherrow comes home MONDAY!! I am soo excited but he does leave again in 2.5 weeks for another 17 days. But that is pretty short compared to the last 48 days.

Next, I know. I know. You are all thinking like WHAT??? ALREADY?? But as you ALL know I am NOT Rich and I dont think Sherrow is either. So I have to plan a little for Christmas espectically with his birthday just a week short weeks before that. Sherrow and I have come to the conclusion we are pretty much going to do the same thing we did last year. One nice gift for his B-day and then probably 3 gifts for Christmas depending on how expensive/inexpensive the presents we decide on. We understand that he is ONLY two and has no idea still what is going on and doesnt need his parents going bankrupt for x-mas. I love Christmas and would love to give him 15-20 presents to open but seriously he got enough last year that we were overhelmed.

So here is what might show up under Jaemen's Christmas tree. Oh have I mentioned, I have NO idea where I am going to put the tree this year??? As you can see HERE that our tree was in the corner where you go into the kitchen.. Problem this year??? We have accquired a love seat that sits there!! Opps.. So it might be a little snug in our house this year we will have to see!!


1. Jaemen has become a coloring fool so with his new room (that I still havent been able to paint) this will match perfectly...

2. The little people Spin n Crash racer set... I think this is pretty cool and I guess I should keep the tradition going since last year he recieved... The little people.. airplane... dump truck... farm... and I am sure more that are not coming to mind. But these toys he plays with on a daily basis..

3. Lastly, He is really into "choo choo's" as he would say... so I am pretty sure this train that picks up it's own track will be nestled under the tree from Santa!!

I have also heard from a few birdies that he might expect something like this, or this... or maybe this to go with the others.

Until later,


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Braylon is now a JET!!!

Yes I just wanted to give everyone an update of the ONE AND ONLY BRAYLON EDWARDS...

He is no longer a Cleveland Brown. He has been traded to the New York Jets. And this looks like a WONDERFUL move. Last night he started and can I say only 3 WR (wide recievers) in NFL history have started on one team one week and then started on another team the NEXT week. He was only in NY for 2.5 days and was already on the field with a TOUCHDOWN. Should have been TWO but they said he was down on the one yard line.

So.. Of course this means that I am no longer a Brown fan and I am now a JET fan!! haha...

At a later date...


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Trick and Treats, Birthdays, and Baking Lessons..

This weekend was a busy one for us. Actually just Saturday.. We had Halloween at Metamora State park with the whole Hill Family. It is a great time for all of us to get together. If you remember last year we did this BUT we were at Holly State park. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a whole group picture this year but I did try to get around and get pictures of most of the kids that were just wee babies last year and can't see in the picture last year. Everyone had a great time despite the FREEZING temps.

The Twins (Dave then Dylan)

The twins were Pirates like JJ was last year. But they had a good time before the Trick or Treating. I actually got pretty good pictures of these mover and groovers above looking at the camera. (since my dear sister wont give me any pictures to scrap I will get my own) There was a Bubble Fogger that all the kids just LOVED.. actually a lot of the adults also thought it was awesome also. You can see little Davey playing with the bubbles... Look at that excitement.

Then I have been holding off showing pictures of Jaemen in his costume until this point so the surprise wouldn't be spoiled. Jaemen is the UPS Man!! I LOVE this costume!! It is SOOO adorable!! He wasn't so good about pictures this time but below the collage of pictures this time is a picture I got of him in August when he went Trick or Treating before.
This little girl has the most GORGEOUS blue eyes ever and is just starting to walk. Don't mind her jacket but is was also the Michigan vs Michigan State game and unfortunately her Daddy went to State. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of those eyes though. She was a tiny little pumpkin last year and this year she was a bumble bee for Halloween. Which complimented the little guy below...

Who was celebrating his 1st birthday!! This is Cameron, my cousin missy's baby. He was Winnie the Pooh even though for some reason I didn't get a picture of either of them... weird. Anyways.. Happy Birthday Cameron. Just a year ago you were just this small.

Other then that, I was baking again for the first time in a LONG time and learned a good lesson. Taste test EVERYTHING before putting everything together or you will be doing this on more then one occasion.

YES that is my WHOLE cake in the garbage!!
It is a Peanut Butter fudge cake. Or at least half of it! The cakes were sooo good I almost couldnt wait to eat before putting the icing on. And that is where everything went WRONG. The recipe calls for Dark Chocolate... Whiped in boiling hot whiping cream. Not that hard right?? WRONG when you use 8 oz of UNSWEETENED Chocolate. It didnt look right before I but it on the cake but I just told my self you went exactly to the recipe and it will come out alright. So I frosted it. When I put it into the fridge to set up a little frosting got on my hand so I figured you are all done just lick it off! Glad I did before anyone tasted that cake it was the GROSSEST, NASTIEST cake ever and it took a cup of milk and candy corn to get the taste out of my mouth. So needless to say I will be rebaking this cake!! Two questions...
1. Should I just buy Hershey's Dark Chocolate candy bars for the dark chocolate?
2. Is heavy cream the same thing as Heavy WHIPPING cream??

Ps. For the family members... If you want the pictures you can go to the link at the right of the blog it says Jaemen's Pictures.. Click on Karidan's Gallery at the top and it should lead you to all of my web albums and you can print them right from there!! Let me know if there are any problems!! There are a lot more pictures then I show here!!