Sunday, November 30, 2008


Awwwee.. my little man is one year old. We didnt do much today.. we went shopping and I actually didnt buy him anything ( bad mom not!! he doesnt even know). Then we came home and I tried to get some homework done... The last few days I have gotten a few extra minutes to throw together two digital pages which I will show in a minute. Other then that tomorrow is going to kick off a new project for me... i want to document our 25 days of christmas here.. And every year from here on ( I hope ). So I am going to take a picture everyday of something in our daily lives or something special we do that day like put up the tree here real soon!! I got the idea from a woman named emilie from here blog. I was already a bad mom and didnt get that many pictures of his first thanksgiving but honestly how many pictures can you get of people eating... Matter of fact I only got 4 pictures wow thought I got more then that!! Anyways.. so there wont be a shortage of pictures. But here are the scrapbooking pages...

Friday, November 28, 2008

One year ago (Part one)....

I was walking around at the mall trying to keep the contractions. Stopping at every third kiosk for a contraction for sure thinking that I was going to have Jaemen that night. But as soon as I got off my feet they stopped and there was no JJ for another 2 more days!! Wow going down memory lane.... sorry

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is here...

Yes His first birthday!! But I didnt CRY!! :) He had two wonderful parties and we have found out that he is extremely shy when people sing to him and he knows when he is being sung to and when someone else is being sung to. (since we celebrated what like 5 birthdays at one you will see the cake later Crazy) He got a bunch of toys and some clothes all in all it was a great weekend!!

I made his cake... I wasnt sure how it was going to but it actually turned out well. I had one mess up when I was putting on his name but I fixed it the best I could and everyone liked it!!

Here are just a few pictures from the day all the other ones are uploaded on to the site look ~~> I am pretty sure that you can even save them to your computer (dad so you dont need my memory card).

OK and last but not least of course the cake pictures!!!

Oh yeah and here was my favorite project that I made that day.. They turned out great!! I got the idea from Heather.. Thanks for the great idea!!!

Thanks everyone for all the great gifts and spending that wonderful memory with us!! Pictures soon to come of Jaemen and the twins!!!



Friday, November 14, 2008

Few rough days....

Well I guess we have been in for it a while now. Jaemen was such a great baby... other then never sleeping through a whole night, he never did keep us up all night. We never had the infamous all nighters that everyone told us about. Well, in the past week I have had 3. With his double infection and throat infection he wasnt too bad. But then on Tuesday night he started screaming every time he took a drink of something or ate something. At first I feared that maybe he got something stuck in his throat but I couldnt hear an obstruction in his air flow. I finally got him back to sleep at like 4, after watching like 5-6 episodes of Fresh prince and trying every position I could think off to get him back to sleep. The next morning I shipped him off to the sitter/grannys house and she told me when I picked him up that he had only ate 3 bites of food and wouldnt drink a bottle or even juice. So I got him home and that is when it all started. He was playing one minute and then next minute he was in a complete streaming fit. He wouldnt stop screaming and crying and throwing himself about. So I decided that I would take him to Urgent care to see if something was wrong. Well come to find out he still has the double ear infection and now he has come down with Hand, Foot, and mouth disease!!!(dad this link really is good on information about it) Wow... he actually caught it. We knew there was a possibility since one of the twins had it and stephs kids got it. So the whole inside of his mouth is covered the doc said with those little blisters and he had two on his big toes. You can barely see them and I was checking everynight but I was not looking for something like that. I was looking for blisters like we get, but they are under the skin.

So we get more antibotics for the ear infections, something other then amoxicin and be on our way since there really isnt anything you can do for the HFM disease. That night he woke back up at about 1130 and we were still up 3 episodes of Fresh Prince, 2 episodes of Moshea, and Forest Gump movie later!! Hehehe (like how i do the times to the shows that we went through eheh) Anyways, Sherrow had pulled the rocker in the room so we could rock him and that didnt work we ended taking 45-an hour shifts even though he was crying the though night so it wasnt like you could sleep during that time. And finally i got him asleep at about 5 am after he and daddy watched forrest gump. I know what you are thinking turn off the tv!! But that didnt work either it would just make us fall asleep instead of him!!

But it sounds like he is back to eating today and drinking but pretty whinning still.. So hopefully we will get some sleep around here tonight.

On a better note... SCHOOL IS FINALLY COMING TO AN END!!! I got my seminar done today didnt go as well as I planned somehow some slides got misplaced but I pulled through. But like I said it is coming to an end.. Both labs are over so means I have nothing on Tuesday and thrusday and only monday and wednesday go to 1230! YIPPEEE!! I can catch up on everything that is due and start studying for a test on wednesday. This weekend is still pretty packed with a quiz homework and a test in Physical chem by wednesday but I will have TUESDAY all day to work on it. I will probably still send Jaemen to his grannys (sherrows mom) just for a few hours while sherrow is at work so I can really hustle and get some work done. But the stress will soon be all over!!!

Another good note.... A wonderful woman at school gave me Photoshop CS2 which is a VERY VERY expensive program and it came with some GREAT actions. So I am going to do some work on some pictures and if you would like to reorder some pictures let me know.. they will be only availiable in 5 x 7 and higher though...

This is the longest post ever I think!! hehehe...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best thing ever...

to come to town is Sonic.. not really but they have one of the best ice creams EVER. The other week Sherrow brought home sonic ice cream on a hum bug.. (really he was probably trying to get on my good side ice cream always works) but anyways.. He walked in with the best ice cream ever!!
Just try it!! Sorry just had to get that out... and take a break from my homework that I have been working on since 12 and it is 8:11!! UGH only a little longer!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What I will be doing this weekend..

Analytical Chemistry
  • HPLC Lab Report
  • AAS Lab Report (done)
  • GSMS Lab Report
  • Write up PreLab for GC (done)
  • Outline for Presentation(done)

Physical Chemistry

  • Iodine Lab Report (done)
  • Write up Last weeks lab
  • Homework Set #4 (DONE)

Prof in Chemistry

  • Finish my Senior Seminar (most important it is friday)DONE!!!!!!

Oh yeah and get my resume together for a job opening for a Forensic Technician in Sterling Heights??

I cant wait for this next week to end!! I will have no more Analytical Lab so that means no more school on Tuesday and Thrusday!! U Can track my progress through the weekend I will cross them out!! Not that you care but I just wanted to get my to do list down somewhere before heading to work!! Love all of you!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall Pictures...

I took these picture mainly for the leaves but I needed a new picture of him for his invites!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! Here are a few... First one is the only one that is processed so far though...
love you guys more later!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Can you even believe it?? He is going to be a year old in one month!! WOW!!! Not much is going on here other then a lot of very little sleep nights!! I am working on a lot of stuff for school until bout an hour until jaemen wakes up at night ( i should just stay up until he does) doing my homework!! Crazy and I cant catch up!! anyways... Like I said not much going on here!! I do have some good news though.. It looks like I will graduate in the SUMMER!!! AHHHH!!! I am going to have the same exact semester next semester!! Just the advanced side of what i am doing so 3x harder!! But I want to get it done so I am going to push through it!! I CANT WAIT!!

Halloween was good here... I sat inside the door and watch Sherrow and Jaemen hand out candy... or watch jaemen almost fall down the stairs THREE times!! (See below) He thinks he is a big boy and can climb the stairs.. OH and.... we might have a walker any day now!! He took two steps tonight!! we just have to get him over this whole fright thing and letting go!! He is standing all by himself now!! Not really excited for that though.. when you ask him what he has he is already starting to dip on us and crawl away as fast as he can go so what do you think he is going to do when he can walk!!

I will try and post some more soon!! Jaemen has a photoshoot coming up maybe tomorrow if I get sometime cause I have to get his invites out!! But here is a few pictures!!! Love you all!!