Thursday, December 20, 2007

Little Peanut met Santa!!

I really wanted Jaemen to have pictures with Santa, but the mall charges you like 13 dollars just for one picture and doesnt allow you to take your own camera up there anymore and I just didnt feel or have the money to pay all that money for a picture when most likely he was going to be sleeping anyways... I solved that problem though. I had to go to bronners to get his baby bulbs for the tree and low and behold they had Santa there!!! He was a way better Santa then the mall Santa too!! Jaemen got right in there and cuddled up with Santa... Santa didnt want to give him back hehe!! Here are the pictures of him and Santa and then pictures of the bulbs I got him!! I have a Pink Baby's First Christmas bulb from 1985 and they still have the same exact bulb so i got one in blue with 2007 on it!! I thought that was pretty cool!! Then I just got him one in his birthstone color with his name and birthdate on it!!

Next on the agenda, our little peanut has been eating 4oz every 4 hours since he has came out of the hospital... but now it is barely lastly him 2.5 hours. and that gets a little draining trying to keep up with all those feedings and I had a little schedule going for night time and that has been totally screwed up and I am more tired then ever. I was thinking about uping the ozs but most of the time we are barely getting through the 4oz at night before he falls sleep while eating and then there are sometimes where he is still smacking his lips like he could eat more. Like last night.. I feed him about 9-930 and by 11 he was waking up and so we just made a 4oz bottle and he ended up drinking the whole thing!! And he slept until 5 in the morning!!!! Maybe I will up his bottles to 6oz and see how he does with that!!
Have a great day!!

Karidan and Jaemen

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Two Week Pictures...

Like I promised we took Jaemen's pictures today. I took them in his stocking but I really don't like how they turned out so I have to do some research and figure out different poses and quick cause he was packed into the stocking pretty tight. I did get one or two so I will post those. Other then that we did pictures with daddy and more newborn pictures.

Jaemen is doing good though. A little problem sleeping yesterday he really wanted to be up and looking around but it seems like he is sleeping a little better today. Nothing much to post today we are just snowed in pretty much, we arent going much further then to granny's house down the road because it is pretty bad out!! Hopefully I will be able to get out and get some pictures of the snow!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Two Weeks!!!

Wow... The last two weeks have really flown by. It is going to be a month before I know it!! We are doing wonderful over here. I am getting pretty tired of sitting at home but I know I need to enjoy this time with my boy because I wont get it once I start work and school again in January. Nothing much to update though.. He is getting a lot more reactive to us. He is looking at us and looking around at all the lights and stuff. I put out his little catapillar today with toys that hang and he looked in the mirrors and stuff for a couple of minutes so that is a good sign!! Other then that I didnt quite get the time to take his two week photos/christmas photos!! That will be tomorrow hopefully we have a lot of sun so I dont have to use the mechicanic lights those are no good for lighting but that is all I have right now. I would real lights for my pictures but oh well they will work!!! That is it for now though... Here are a couple of pictures with his Catapillar thingy from today at two weeks!!

-Karidan & Jaemen

P.S. I forgot about this one... I finally got a picture of him when he is getting burpped on your lap he makes the cutest little faces... We always get a kick out of them!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well we had to go to WIC yesterday to get Jaemen register and found out some not so good news... WIC doesnt give out Nestle Good Start on their program, so once again I am going to have to change the poor things formula!! He has been going to the bathroom again which is great so I am going to finish off the good start to keep him moving for a couple of days and then we will see how the new Gentlease formula works. They told me when they made the switch to the Emfimil all the babies on the good start did fine so I am hoping that it will be ok!! Other then that Jaemen went down another ounce and she was making a big deal about it.. I was like he just got weighed and he hadnt went to the bathroom in like 2 days so that is a couple of ounces and now he has went so he lost a couple. On the plus side I am down to 142.5 YEAH!!! that is a lot of weigh in a week. My appetite though has been NOTHING I dont feel like eating and nothing sounds good. Kinda of weird... I go from eating everything and snacking all the time to not eating hardly anything at all.

I have re-done Jaemen's One Week picture because I printed it out and noticed a lot of mistakes. So here you go...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week One Pictures!!!

Let me know what you guys think!! I know he is not centered but I was doing it in a chair with just a sheet and a pillow under the sheet and the other side would have gotten the back on the room in it and I was kind of crunched for time so I didnt quite get him centered!! Pretty good though so far and I will get more creative with weeks to come now that I am feeling much better and I can get up and down off the floor!! I love his feet picture though and I can't wait to do all his little body parts and get them up on the walls!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

One Week Old!!

Jaemen Jackson is now a week old. Time is already flying by but he is a healthy baby boy!! He had his first check up and everything was fine other then he was consitpated so we had to change his formula and give him a little Karo Syrup!! He went down to 8lbs 5oz so that isnt bad at all!! I thought he was going to get a shot but nope he got it at the hospital so I was happy!!! Here are pictures from through out the week.. first bath, first car ride, and one week...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Our first ROUGH night!!!

Well last night was our first real rough night. Jaemen had me up until about 3 and then back up at 5:45 and then back up at 7 to eat!! Yikes!! I am pretty sure it is the new formula his body is getting used to! He had an upset stomache i am pretty sure but Sherrow just kept on asking me what is wrong and I am like Sherrow like I know. All I can tell you is what I THINK it is but the little peanut was screaming his lungs off!! I guess it was all in due time that it happened!

Main problem right now: He is Soaking through all of his diapers... I moved him up to ones and he is still soaking through them. I know it is probably cause he is taking in 4 oz every 4 hours but there has to be a way to stop it! He goes through like 3 outfits a day because of this!!! Help??

We are going to go and get Scooter today (our Sheltie). I have been feeling pretty good so I think I can handle his hyperactivity. I miss my little guy anyways and i am sure he has thought i have abandon him!

Here are a few updated pictures. Oh I want to take his newborn pictures but anytime you take off his clothes he starts screaming bloody murder so I need to figure this out!!!

Doesnt he look so mean?? Hehe...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jaemen Jackson is Here!!!

Through all the worrying and all the precautions of not having a C section. Guess how Jaemen came into this world! A C-SECTION!! AhHHH... Baby boy was going to be way to big for lil miss Karidan to pass through!!! The reason that the doctor gave was that the bones that are supposed to be at a 90 degree angle so the babys head and shoulders are suppose to pass through was only at 60 degrees. The doctor then explained to me that i did have the choice to have this baby vaginally but the baby was going to rip apart my bladder and rectum area to get through!! I was like ummm... I opt for C- section.

Picture of Mommy and Daddy waiting for Jaemen....

So... Doc walks out of the room. Meanwhile I asked to get up and walk around cause I was in full blown BACK LABOR...yuck. They said sure that should not be a problem but they walked out and didnt unhook me from all of the monitors so I waited like 15 minutes and sent my mother out and asked them to unhook me. Next thing i heard was the nurse go "OH NO!! She is scheduled for a C-section at 4. And i have to get her IV in her." I was like WHAT!!! It is like 3:15 and Daddy still isnt here!!! So my mom called Sherrow and told him to get up here immediately and freaked him out. My dad and Maryanne walked in with like 15 minutes to go until what i thought was going to be my surgery. Then the prep nurses walked in and explained everything to me and all of a sudden they are like oh they didnt tell you, you have been bumpped by two other women that are 36 weeks and breech and a womens platena that is ripping!! I was like ahhh ok sooo what time do you think that will be then... they said "7-8 o clock." I was like wow 4 hours that sucks we were all pumped to have a baby!

So come 8... they wheelled me into the OR and at 8:33 we had baby Jaemen out!! He was completely upset and SCREAMING!!! He was 8lbs 8oz and 20.5 inches long!! He is sooo handsome and Daddy is so in love!!! Mom is still in some pain but everyday it is getting better and better! Yesterday, I got my staples out and that didnt hurt as bad as i thought it would. Of course i dont think anything would hurt as bad as the nurse pushing my uterus back down or pulling the blood clots out of my uterus out!!! Yeah that KILLED!!

This is our third day home and baby is doing great! Today we are tackling a new formula.. not new just the powder version and not what they gave him at the hospital. Also the new bottles! But here are a few pictures of the birth and other pictures!!

Mommy and Baby.. ( i look horrible i know)

Baby Jaemen getting all cleaned up...

Look at that Gorgoreous Man....

He is our little Chinesse Man... hehehe

Daddy Feeding Baby...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No baby YET....

Well we went today hoping to see our baby today and it didnt happen... Sadly!! He is 7lbs 9ozs according to the ultrasound today so i might not even have an 8lb baby! But everyone knows that an ultrasound can be really off!! My fluid levels we low but not low enough... Normal levels are from 10-20 and mine was 9.2 so not quite low enough!! So we will be going back on Friday at 930 and they will be checking his activity (heart rate.. etc) and my fluids again!!! Then we will see if not NO LATER then TUESDAY!!!! AHHH i cant wait!! This is the biggest torture of my entire life!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

My First Digital Scrapbooking Page!!

So this is probably how I am going to be scraping for a while after Jaemen gets here since it will practically impossible to pull out everything when he gets here!!! It is called Digital Scrapbooking... I hope you enjoy it!! This page is just to get some practice so i am not soo frustrated when I am trying to get a page done quickly before he wakes up!! hehehe... Even though Photoshop will forever give me problems so here you go let me know what you think!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dr. Appointment update!!

Not much to say... everyone knows the weekly appts are pointless but he did say that my cervix is pretty soft and thinning!!! So I guess we pray for a big storm (what the doc said) and we wait for that Full moon on Saturday!!! Cant wait to see my lil Man!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

37 Weeks!!

Wow... we only have 2 and a half weeks until our due date little man!!! Your Father and I are getting really REALLY excited!!! We can't wait to see you and enjoy all the happiness you are going to bring us!!! Looks like you are going to hold on for the Lions vs. Gaints game so your daddy can see his favorite team so he is really thankful for that!! BUT you can come as soon as we are done there PLEASE!!! mom is ready for you to come!!! I mean look how big I am!!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

More Nursery Pics!!

Here are just some more nursery pictures!!! I still havent gotten the letters up maybe today!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

His Nursery is almost done!!!

Wow it really came together pretty fast. I am soo thankful for my dad and maryanne to come over and get it painted, that jump started the whole thing!!! But i just need a few shelves, to put up his letters (see below), and to get a few more things like monitor and things like that!!! I am pretty proud of it, it looks so cute!! Oh i also have to wash all of his clothes and soon I will have to get a picture of his closet cause it is FULL!!! along with all of his baskets with his oneies, socks, bibs... The kid has a lot of stuff!! But here are a few pictures and I will have more later when i am officially done!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What this is going to be...

This blog is going to be used to keep family members and friends that arent able to see Jaemen everyday updated. I will be trying to post a lot of pictures and updates so no one is left out!!! You should bookmark this page but I will give you the address at anytime you would like it also!! I will start with his ultrasound pics and hopefully soon my maternity pictures!! I hope people will appreciate this and check it!!! I am just hoping that once he is here that I will be able to update it as much as I would like to!!! Thanks!!!!