Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shuttercal (Project 365) Pictures are all up sorry been a bit busy this week with school and everything. This is the completion of week 4 and I have stayed on it!! YEAH for me, only 11 more months to go!! haha... I havent finished the layouts yet for week 3 and hopefully I will get week four done too soon so I can print out the month of January and see my work. Finally found a place with the help of a lovely lady, I am going to try and see!! Not much to post and since there is pictures there I dont think I am going to post anything here. Meagen if you want more from the other night and the bed let me know I will email you some but there are some to come from a shoot I am going to do here this week!! Look back!!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Isn't he something??

Ok first news. I am not switching blogs, at least not yet. Maybe when I have more time to get it up and running this summer or something. I was mainly doing it because of my Project 365 but I have found another place to post my pictures with the calendar format! (what I wanted) So over the next day or so I will be uploading all the pictures to that website. It is called and it is made for people that are doing the picture-a-day. Here is the link and I will get it up and running!!

Next, I am figuring out that I am addicted to pictures I think. (understatement of the year) When my father dropped off my external hard drive the other day I was elated. The computer has been moving incredibly slow the last couple of weeks and I havent backed up files in a long time. (since jj was 3 months to be exacted) So I started transferring pictures over to the hard drive and when all said and done I had transferred over 4,000 pictures. WOWOW!! I know. And the crazy thing is, is that I am now starting this Project 365 and I have already took 121 pictures this year in 18 days. WOW... I am thinking that another external hard drive will be bought sometime this year since the one I have now is half full with pictures... my old laptop stuff... and all my digital scraping stuff. BUT I have to tell you!! I am getting some of the cutest pictures of Jaemen lately! I dont know if they are all cute but HILARIOUS!!! Here are a few..

This picture was taken at one of my friend's Son's Birthday party. He loves Ski Ball and that is his new laugh. His little eyebrows go up and he looks like he is screaming but he isnt!!

Ok so this one is a little better smile. He loves chasing me now when I have my camera he just wants to touch it. (or take it away from me haha) This is Jan 15th..

Now this one.. Thank you mom for sending me this one. I know it isnt the clearest picture but ohhh my goodness when I saw this picture I laughed for like 5 minutes. He is just having a ball I know it.

And my sister sent me this picture today.. This is when we went to the cider mill awhile ago. I love it, Thank you Afton!!

So there is just a few quick pictures!! I should probably post the layout of Week Two For project 365 since I shut down the other blog so here is that in case you didnt see it

I will have week three up here in a few maybe get that done tonight or tomorrow night since I have no school. Lets just see how far I get on the homework front. Still looking for a place to print off. Costco is the most inexpensive place but I dont have a membership.. So therefore that doesnt work unless I find someone that does. I should go look on Sams Club?? Hold on...................................................................................................................................................

Nope they dont offer 12x12 or even 8x8 prints!! So that doesnt help. Well until next time. Be back soon!!!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Need your vote!!

I am looking into getting a new blog!! The link is
I like this one a more cause you can password protect it. It has bigger pictures when I fiugre out how to make it go all the way across screen!!! I have posted a couple posts on there and the new album for my Project 365!! Go check it out and let me know by voting what you think!! Please vote to the side... Yes dad that means go to the actually blog and vote. I dont think you will be able to do it from the email!! Thanks guys!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I got one last layout done before school started last night!! Hopefully I can sneak in there and get some more done while in school. If not then it is only until April. So months 1-7 is done that is pretty good I am half caught up since he is only 13 months old. Not to bad. As for the Project 365, Week one is DONE!! Only 51 more weeks to go!! Kinda of cool so far just have to think of more to do!! I am being inspired by others though... here you go... more later school has started so we have to get back into the swing of things!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

MY 100th Post!!!

Ok... so the first project that I tried did not go very well BUT BUT BUT I am going to try a new one called Project 365!!! This consist taking a picture everyday (yes Everyday)... And then scraping them each week... I am going to digitally scrap these cause it will be easy and then I plan on printing them off at Shutterfly (little expensive $54), Snapfish, or another solution that I can find that is a little cheaper!! I might just print them off monthly to spread the cost over the year! I will have to see!!! I figure this is a great time to start this things are settling down here with Jaemen not be an infant and all. Actually not sure why I just said that!! He is walking and all over the place. haha but he is learning soo much these days. Anyways.... I will be posting here a lot if I can keep up with this. I am looking into a site to hold all the pictures and to feature them here on the blog.. it might be flickr or something like that I havent quite found what I am looking for yet. Oh and it isnt always going to be of jaemen yes it might be of random things in our lives to document it. (so that means yes dad maybe of FOOD) And like todays I am documenting Sherrow and I's very quite New years eve. We spent it together, Jaemen was knocked out by 10 and we played cards and Dominoes.

So wish me luck with this journey and yes some might be thinking that I am crazy but hey I am going to try...

Oh and I had the twins on New years Eve day and have some pictures to show.. My little boy is just the sweetest thing SOMETIMES... when he isnt yanking out the twins pacifers and he doesnt do it nicely... he does love giving kisses though..

Ok we wont let them do it for to much longer I know they are boys but it is soo cute right now!! and when they are at each others throats later I will show them these!!!

Ok Lets see how I do.... Oh and if the going gets tough I will be happy with 5 out of 7!!! But that can only happen when back in school which starts on Monday yuck!! LAST hard Semester YES!!! Since I did past all classes and GOT ALL B'S!! yeah!!