Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hope you had a very....

Merry Christmas. Because our family had a great one. It was very busy sometimes not getting home until the middle of the night but a wonderful christmas and I just cant wait for the years to come with our little boy. He was looking fabulous on Christmas, I have been waiting to put him in this outfit for forever and finally got all the pieces. *even though he wasnt up for having his picture taken at this time*
The new camera defiently got some usage but I have to work a lot with it still. You defiently have to know your basics of photography. Much different from the old camera. We had our first christmas at our house. We got jaemen just a few presents things that we have been wanting to get him for a while. Here is Daddy and Son having fun even though he wasnt so into opening presents this year of course.

Other then that for everyone that hasnt seen us in the past week... We have a WALKER!!! He still likes to crawl when he wants to get somewhere quick but he walks everywhere now!!!
Scoot always getting in the way!!
Jaemen is also 13 months today!!!
Until next time

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

9 more days...

Well.. The second photoshoot was also not that great of an success I got one photo and that one is on the xmas cards so I am not going to post it until after the cards go out and hopefully get to everyone by xmas... Next on the agenda We had my mother's side xmas party.. I will upload all the pictures I took that day to my picasa web albums so u can print them off if you would like it. Just scroll down to Jaemens Pictures click on that, click on Karidans Albums at the time and then go to Hills christmas party and select the Prints at the top...

Then for my next little part of my 25 days of christmas... I made a gingerbread house for the first time. As you can see I didnt do the best of job as my poor little house has some major breezes seeing that my roof and sides dont match up but that is ok.. Probably my last one though wasnt as much fun as I thought it would be!! haha unless jaemen wants to do one when he is older.

Then I have also done a wreath.. Now this I will probably do another one!! I liked doing this and I want to try a little harder one next Christmas. I am still thinking of putting a bow on this or wraping ribbon around it but it is kinda of hard when the bulbs are already on there..
Last update on the home front, Sherrow is home and it feels more like the holidays now but we are both pretty sick. Him more then me becuase he doesnt sleep much when he is on the road. So hopefully we are getting better by Christmas and our little one doesnt come down with it. And a good positive is that Jaemen has put himself asleep every night. I just put him in his crib and he cries for a minute or two sometimes but falls asleep but when he wakes up at night and I let him cry he just gets himself so worked up if I just let him cry it out he starts choking and he cant breathe out his nose. This morning he woke up at 6 and I beleive that is a long enough night so I get up give him some milk and he will go back to sleep... So we are still working on that part!!
love always

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scrapping away...

Now that I am off of school I am trying to get a lot of scraping done so that I can hopefully get all caught up on all the months at least and maybe somethings in between. I am going to post one of the layouts the other one will be on the side banner.

He also went to go and see santa but that didnt go very well at all!! I did manage to get one good picture of him and santa.

Oh and it looks like my dad has a new blog also!! He is figuring out all of this technology... The link is... http://ambiancestravels.blogspot.com/ that is mainly for meagen and people like that!! Talk to you guys later have a ton of pictures to share...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ok So I might not get everyday...

But I will get the most important!! I am keeping track of most of the days with my pictures.. Thank goodness for digital right?? In picasa i can even do a timeline and it will keep track of when and where I took the pictures and I can even put some descriptions with them.. So that is excatly what I am doing.. I am pretty sure I left off on the fourth day.. nothing happened this day though because I had my lab practical and ended up with a migraine... sooo

Day Five...
We (actually I) put up the tree this day.. I look putting up the tree and Jaemen LOVE pulling the bulbs off and making me search for the top of the bulb somewhere on the tree.. So we all know he doesnt get it yet. Next year right?? The tree actually has a new star didnt want to do the angel anymore and has tinsel but I really dont like the tinsel and plus Jaemen is putting it off all the time with a gate in front of the tree. So if I feel like it one day I will pull it all off. (went to bronners and cant wait for next years tree)

Day six.. I had to work and after work I just went to go and pick up a few things for xmas presents... (which i am almost done with sherrows only one more gift and We are only doing one gift each for JJ since he dont know and got so much for bday) But of course I had to enojoy my most favorite my waist lines least favorite drink

Day seven... Was pretty busy!!! Afton came over in the morning to get the twins pictures done. I was going to try and do JJs too for our xmas card but he wasnt to cooperative, then dad came over to help with sherrows present to himself, then it was let jj sleep for a minute and go to dads for dinner and a little visiting!! All in all a good day... Here are a few from the twins shoot they turned out ok for to little ones that didnt want to laugh or even look at us..
Dylan and David

Post more tonight... Gotta go meet a friend for din din!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Journaling for Christmas...

I am really trying to keep to my word that I want to document our first real christmas. Last year with Jaemen just being born, Christmas went by so fast and was such a blur!! I want to document Jaemens "first" Christmas. I wish that he was old enough to put out cookies and stuff, it would be a whole lot funner but oh well I don't want to wish him older yet!! The last couple of days have been real busy on my part so nothing really happened around here but I am going to use this blog as my daily journal... I come back to his blog a lot for milestones of Jaemens when I didnt write down the date because I usually write about it pretty close to that date... So if you dont want to read about the daily xmas stuff just dont read the ones that have Day X as the header... I understand you dont want to here about all the mundane stuff that is going on around here but I do want to remember the little things... So along with hopefully a picture, I will be writing a short paragraph about something special that happened that day!!!

Day One

We woke up to our first big snow of the year. So excited that it is finally looking like christmas. Even though I was totally excited that I had to be the one shoveling since Sherrow is down in Kentucky!! This is my last week of classes so I am pretty busy with exams and reports that need to be turned in!! So I havent had much time to spend with the little fellow. It has been pretty rough and I have been spending a lot of time at school... so not much to report on Day One!!

Day Two

Again nothing much happened.. I spent the day at school and the night at work so JJ was at Granny Jean's.

Day Three (Today)...

I had three exams today so I am exhausted since I was up all night. For once not becuase of the little one... But I was able to go and get the baby at like 3 and spend a little time with him before I have to get going on my work for my Lab practical for tomorrow at 10!! Yikes kinda scared on this one!! Hoping now that school is going to be over that we can have some more momma son time soon!!!