Friday, May 30, 2008

6 Months and counting...

It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant! (not that I want to go back to that time in my life) But now I have him here and he is getting so big!! He is holding his bottle all by himself, sitting all by himself and being able to hold a toy with both hands and sit, growing like a weed, and of course showing his little personality more and more everyday. He definetly is a morning baby, had us up at 6 in the morning and he doesnt last anywhere past 9 o clock! Oh he also trying to lift himself up not with his hands just pure stomache muscles (crazy i know) but he hates being on his tummy no matter what I do. He is into the screaming thing until his little face is red or chokes himself! Not to much to post though just cant believe it has been 6 months already! How the time flies.. and we are doing just fine. Here are just a few pictures from a couple days ago!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scrapbook Page Done

Little Cutie!!

I had a photo shot with one of my girlfriends one year old. I can't believe that she is one already I was there when her mommy was in the hospital having her. She is just a little cutie. I gave her that danilion to hopefully get a cute picture with a flower but that was the wrong thing she didnt let go of that flower after this ahhh... it is in every picture oops! You live and learn. It took a lot to get a little smile out of her but we ended up getting some pretty shots!! Here you go mom, dad, and grandma for your sneak peak at the shoot I will have them done soon!!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jaemen's Baby Album!!

I am soo excited to get going on this! I started on his 8x8 but I have this beautiful album for his first year (baby) album!! Well on one of my scrapbooking websites,, they started an online class called 12 weeks to a babys first year. Just like what it sounds it is a 12 week class that is going to walk you through all the milestones, title page and a bunch of other stuff to get you through that daughting task of your babies first year album since all new moms are so busy!! I love the idea and it is coming at a great time when school isnt so demanding!! So here is my first page done his title page, soooo excited!! This is him at two days old, hasn't he changed so much it doesnt even look like him anymore!! WOW!!

Cutest Kid EVER!!!

So isnt this the cutest kid ever!! He was soo sleepy here but he is in this stage of fighting us soo hard to go to sleep so we pretty much just let himself wear right out. These pictures turned out ok I had to be fast but my I need new batteries because mine STINK!! But yes this little boy is the cutest thing ever!! The crazy hair that we cant possibly do anything with anymore not even with oil in it just getting curlier by the second!! Those eyes ahhh they just melt me every time!! And now he has those cute little two teeth that to me makes an adorable baby boy!! Just wanted to give you guys just a little update not much is going on right now!! Things have settled down but now I am just working a lot more and still have a crazy spring class that goes really quickly!! I do promise some scrapbooking layouts here real soon maybe tonight so keep looking back!! Oh and if you want here are the other pictures from the shoot you will be able to print these but I will be taking them again. There wasn't enough light so a lot of them were blurry!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Growing up right in front of me...

I think that is the most amazing thing you can possibly encounter... Your child growing right before you!! Our little boy is getting so big and I can't believe that in a few short weeks he is going to be 6 months old!! He is reaching for everything, holding his own bottle for most of the feeding, letting you know it isnt ok to take away his toys, and just about reaching for us. He has gotten soo big!! Well, I havent updated in quite some time so he had his 4 month appt which was really when he was 5 months but oh well. He weighed out to be 18.2 pounds and 31 and a half inches long!! YES!! I said 18 POUNDS!! The doctor turned to me and told me do you releize that you have a 9 month old!! (that would be in the 97 percentile for weight) I was like yeah he is huge I know it!! Other then that he is healthy but with him being so big I noticed a while back ago that his feet are kicking the back of the seat. I was like ugh.. I am pretty sure this boy is over the length requirement for this carseat!! Sure enough it is for babies under 26 inches and he is 31 and HALF!!! hehehe.. So he now has a new carseat!! A big boy car seat!! I found it super cheap and it is rear facing because his doctor wants him rear facing for another month (technically they are suppose to be rear facing for a their first year) and then he will see where he is at!! So that was cool didnt know they made big seats like that rear facing! Sherrow calls it his is lazy boy on wheels!!

I had my first official mothers day!! I was pregnant on the last one so I dont think it counts even though everyone said it did!! BLAH!! Anyways... It was nice. I got to spend a lot of time with the family!! Sherrow had to work all day so he was pretty tired when he got home but he still did a lot for me when it came to Jaemen (making bottles and changing him). I got a pretty good picture of us together so I will leave you with that!! Love all of you!! Got to get some sleep, Got school in the morning!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just some Pictures!!

Aren't these the most adorable pictures?? Hehe.. I guess I am partial!! Anyways.. I am trying to get some more pictures of him outside but I can't do it alone because he is still throwing himself backwards or falling to the side. Oh and I doesnt help when your battery dies!! I need to buy new ones, I think I have recharged them one to many times!!! I am trying to show people that we can go out side also to take pictures of your little ones. At the park or something like that??? Get them where they aren't worrying about the camera and they are in their natural state!! These ones are a little more posed obviously cause my little man isn't off by himself but I should have some of a toddler here soon!! To show you a little more!! Also dont forget those family pictures in the park!!

Next, I have finally gotten enough done on my Photography website to post it!! IT isnt all done and there is a lot of problems still because I am not a pro but I will be figure it out soon!! But it does have my prices on it!! ( I am changing my session fee though just to let you guys know) Here is the link though!!!

That is all for now!! Happy Spring!! Going back to school tomorrow!! ACK!! But gotta get it done!!