Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jaemen's Bedroom Renovation

For a while now I have been thinking of things to do to Jaemen's room. It is a little to babyish for him now and he needs a new bedset anyways for his new big boy bed!! Yes... Our little man has grown up and moved to a big boy bed. It has been wonderful. He goes to sleep all by himself and stays asleep in there until about 6am and then wakes up and wants to sleep with mommy and daddy. SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!!

So the two colors which I can not get a paint sample of online to show you the colors are Red Delicious and Rich Navy. I hope it is going to turn out. Not sure if the red should go on top or bottom... I have it on top though. Next, here is the bedspread I have picked out..
I think this one is cute and will grow with him... He is loving sports and anything to do with balls ever since I can imagine. So I think this will be good for him. I am going to add these on top unless I think it is to much.
I will lose my much beloved Jaemen letters that were above his crib... So I think I will either just redo them or I think but the saying, "You have to take the shot, to make the shot" above his bed to keep the theme going..
The last thing that I am thinking about is on his closet door just buying a little quart of chalk paint and doing the inside of the door panels. I am not sure about this. He has been showing major interest in coloring lately BUT... I also do not want him to think that coloring on the door/walls is ok. So I might just do it for now and not give him the chalk for a while yet until he can comprend.
I need to get navy blue curtains for his windows so that the sun doesnt come through that sliding glass window in the morning and I am thinking about getting iron on a big basketball to the one on the sliding glass window. Not sure how I am going to do that though yet since I dont know how to sew. My craftiness will figure it out though.
That is what I am up to right now and hopefully we can get some of that done before his Daddy gets back from Texas.
Until later...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I have been up too....

Ever since I graduated I have been really trying to have a little bit more of 'Me' time. Pretty hard with a nearly two year old but you gotta try. When I was in school I always wanted to read a book other then a chemistry book and that is exactly what I have gotten back too!!! And thanks to my father and Maryanne and the gift card for my B-day I have picked up some great novels. These are three books that I have really enjoyed (one I just finished a half hour ago).

"How to Score" by Robin Wells ****-

This book had a great plot and a great twist at the end. One thing you have to get over though is reading this book out in public with the cover saying how to score. At first I thought this book would be a little too "romantic" if you know what I mean, but it turned out to only have maybe one or two parts in it that were a little on the "romantic" side. ;)

This author has another novel, that I want to pick up soon, that I went looking for when browsing with my gift card. I could not find that book but it lead me to this next author....

"I'm in no mood for love" by Rachel Gibson ****/2-

I gave this book 3 and a half stars (see above :)). This book was a little more on the "romantic" side but not to bad again. The plot was good just thought some parts of the story could have been told better, even though author Gibson started the story right away to be exact on the eighth page. And tells all with the main characters fiancee being found with his gay lover in their walk in closet... Yes this is how the story starts so it does catch your attention right off the bat.

But... as I read some of the reviews of this book. Other readers that have read her previous work say that her others are WAY better. Luckily for me I started with this book!! hehe... I picked up the book listed at the top of this cover... Sex, Lies, and Online Dating which is getting GREAT reviews. Can't wait....

"Love me, Love me Knot" by Heidi Betts *****

WOW!!! I loved this book. (this is the one I finished a half hour ago) Although for those of you that don't want to read the really, and I mean really "romantic". This one is NOT for you. This book really surprised me a FEW times. I guess that is what I get for picking up a romantic novel and not knowing anything about the novel. With the title and the author knitting on the back cover I thought I would be good. NOPE haha...

But do not get me wrong!! I finished this book in three sittings.. It definitely didn't want me to put it down. Now that I have read more about the author I have found out this is the second book in her trilogy so that means I have to go pick up her first book, "Tangled up in love". But as for this book, I loved the plot it started out a little slow in the beginning and I didn't know if I would like it but trying to figure out what was going to happen after the main character decided to drug her ex-husband and impregnate herself, I couldn't put it down.

I think I will be on this romantic kick for a little bit... Sorry dad haha. But I am just enjoying reading something that I can get wrapped all in without having to think all that much about!! Or memorizing it! I have two more books on stand by also that I will probably start one of them tonight or tomorrow depending on how I feel so.. Stay tuned for the books below. ;)

P.S. I could stand writing such "book reports" for school and now I am doing that sort of thing for my entertainment!! haha



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Then... and Now

What I am about to show you below is kinda crazy..I am always trying to take pictures that look like pictures that I love just so I can compare and just so I have that shot again. So tonight when JJ went to take a bath I tried my hardest to get the first shot again. Did not work all that well BUT you get the point that I was getting at. I am not to sure if other kids grow like this but look at this.. He was 8 months old in the first picture (LOVED this picture and that little butt) but he isnt even up to the top of the cabinet and now he at 21 months a little over one year later. Is almost a whole HEAD above the cabinet(probably would be if his knees weren't bent). IT IS NUTS!?!? Now do you believe me that he is growing TOOO MUCH!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Project 365... and a Scrapbook Page

Sept 2, 09 - The reason I can not get Jaemen to let go of the passie... Cause I am thinking we have probably taken out stock in Playtex. He finds them everywhere. But this is a common sight in our household one in his mouth and him playing with two-four others...

Sept 3

Sept 4thThen... I think I have fallen in love with 8.5 x 11 pages.. Which isnt cool since I just bought his 12 x12 album. But I think I am just going to inter-mix them since the smaller ones fit too.. Tell me what you think?? And dont you just miss that little face??

Until next time


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

While the cats away...

the mouse will play.. haha yeah right..
Well with Sherrow here... that usually means I scrap a lot more because we are not watching tv together or just spending a little quiet time with each other. This time has been no different. Although I have not got a whole bunch done I plan to! Thanks to my Dad and Maryanne, I was able to get a lot of supplies from one of my favorite scrappin stores and here are just a few pages I have made from them so far.

I LOVE this page!! It is soo cute and I know I said I was done with his baby book but I will probably forever add to it.
And this is one of those pages I will talk about that doesnt have a home.

I also have a now a couple of pages waiting for a home since I do not have an album for Jaemen's pages from 1-->2 years old. Yes now it is really setting in that I am about a year behind BUT I got a whole book done, a whole year accomplished. And I am soo happy for that since I have never finished a book yet. But this wont be for long since I ordered THIS and it should be on its way. These albums are going to help me be able to display them on a shelf in the living room or something so that I am not the only one. I am getting the same books as this picture and I love the look of this for display(although mine are leather not fabric). I am hoping to get every color of these albums and two in each since I hope someday that I get so many layouts that I can fill more then one. But for right now just one in every color a different year in each color.

I know that I have not posted Jaemen's halloween experiences BUT he has an awesome costume and NOBODY better steal it.. Haha just joking. But for real I am just waiting for a little closer plus I didnt get the best of pictures of him. He has another escapade here on Oct. 3rd... So we will see..

Lastly, I am going to do my darnest to bring back the Project 365... I know I have not been taking any pictures and honestly I think it is a little much for some one that works. Maybe great for someone that is a stay at home momma like Jennifer... She has done awesome for two years in a row... Go check out her blog it is awsome and I would love to have those results but I am thinking next year Project 52... A picture a week...

And to prove it here is September 1st's Picture.. This is a picture of the AWESOME lamps I got today at Target thanks to my mom for my Bday. I got two for each side now we just got to get the bed off the floor with a frame and a bracket for the tv to put on the wall and two nightstands and the room with be complete. Oh I also need to take a picture for the wall behind the door that I have been wanting to take.

Until Later