Friday, February 29, 2008

3 Months!!

Jaemen is 3 months old today!! WOW!! It doesnt seem like it has been three months but you can see the changes in him so much!!! I love it!! He is talking and cooing at us soo much! He makes it so much easier to wake up with him at night because he gives you that huge smile and it is all worth it!! (even though I am hoping that he gets through the night soon) He is taking longer naps when I can get him down but his sleeping schedule changes with the day! I am trying real hard to get him back down by 12 and then again at like 5 and then for the night by 10!! That has been working pretty good!!

My spring break is over. I feel like I got nothing done! I did get 5 layouts done of Jaemens Scrapbook so I guess it wasnt anything but I havent even touched a dis
h or studied half as much as I wanted to! I did get like 4 hours done but I need a lot more so that is what I will be doing all Saturday night and most of Sunday even though I have Aftons Baby shower!! I have also done a baby shower invite and two baby announcments!! Oh I guess I did get Afton's Maternity pictures done and edited I just have to do her storyboard and get them ordered!!

Here are some new pictures and one more layout from jaemens scrapbook I couldnt do the other one because it is a 12 X 12 so I have to figure out how to merge the two images I had the program before but not anymore!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Layouts Done!! WHOA!!

That is right!! I have gotten 3 scrapbook pages done in Jaemen's Scrapbook. I can't believe it! I am kinda of in this creative mode right now so I am trying to get a lot done!! It is amazing how much stuff I have but I always come to a point in my pages where I am like I need this and that and dont have it!! So I will be making another trip to joanns here tomorrow I think!! Even though I have an Organic Midterm to study for tomorrow!! Well here you go let me know what you think... I am really into the clean and simple layouts right now!!!

I still have to put the date on all of them I have to check the pictures in the computer and they are all on my external hard drive. I am thinking that I am going to add some ribbon to the car ride one and some journaling let us know where he was going and what he did that day!! Oh and sorry the one week layout scanned horribly the picture looks much better in real life!!

Thanks Karidan

Baby Announcement

I am working on baby announcements for my cousin, Kristen. She just had a baby today this is the first one that I have finished... I am also going to save them and use them for clients that want them!! Might as well!! Let me know what you think!! I dont think the name is even right on this yet hehe... I dont think I spelled it right. I know that the time is wrong and I think that the weight is wrong!! heheh oh well we will change it!!! Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My First Nikes!!

Today we went out and got Jaemen his first pair of shoes!! His Daddy has been dying to get him a pair of shoes!!! They are sooo cute and little!! He is in a 3c size of shoe!! haha Here are some pictures of him in them and a new outfit from his aunt!! But back to study for me for my Calculus III Midterm!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just a couple of Pics!!!

I just wanted to post a couple of pictures.... This week is kinda busy!! I have Spring Break (YEAH!!) starting the 25th so this whole next week I have two really big mid terms one in Orgo and one in Calc III (yikes). So I am going to be study this whole weekend was suppose to start today but Jaemen had a different idea of me!! Anyways... Off to work hope you enjoy!!

Caught him lookin over Daddys shoulder...

We have had some serious problems with BED HEAD hehehe... THought I would catch some pictures of it!!!

Ps. It looks like I might be opening up a new website for my Photography... With the last pictures coming out of Jaemen great everyone has really talked me into really trying to make some money off of it and therefore not having to work as much!! Me and sherrow talked about it and he is all about it and has been telling me for about forever that I needed to!! Now that I found an actual print lab I am really thinking about it!! I told sherrow if I get 5 paying customers in the next couple of months then I will for sure and he already has 2 people at work for me and want my number to set something up!! WHOA!!!

~Karidan and Jaemen~

Monday, February 11, 2008

One Collage Done!!!

I have gotten one done... Not sure if I will do to many more maybe one more!!! Let me know what you guys think!!! Comments would be great!! This is a 2o x 16!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Drum Roll PLEASE...

1 cheap $20 CD clock radio...
and a $6.99 baby einstien Lullaby CD later..

Yes... JAEMEN SLEPT ALL NIGHT IN HIS OWN CRIB!!! And mom only checked on him 3 times even though I wanted to like 6 more times but I just said, "he will be ok Karidan he is fine let him sleep." I have to have the CD player going when he gets in there and I usually turn the cd back on one more time before I also go to bed. I woke up at like 4 ol clock and reliezed that I hadn't heard him yet and I checked the monitor and laid there for a minute and heard him move a little and fell back to sleep. Come about 5:30 there he was crying wanting something to eat. (oh did I tell you that we have him getting to about 4-530 mark of sleeping) IT IS THE GREATEST!! The night before I also believe that he wouldve to but Daddy wasn't the most comfortable with it and so he went and got him out of his room and put him in the bassinet. Oh well... He did it!!

The cat napping is getting a little better!! Usually he wakes up at that 4-530 mark then again at like 730-8 and then most of the time he stays down to like 11-12! YEAH!!! Even though the one day I wanted to sleep in.. yeah what do you think I am sure you can figure that one out!! hehehe.. No biggy!!!

But as I promised more pictures.. I am trying to get them all edited here real quick to post them so as I get them done I will keep on posting!! I was trying to get a valentine out to all the family members but that didnt quite work sorry!! We still love all of you though... I just dont have a lot of time to be doing that kind of stuff!! I need to study!! (goal this semester: an A in 3 out of the 4 Classes) And I had a little trouble on my Orgo II exam on tuesday so I really need to get a early start on the next one in two weeks. So that is what I am going to be doing these next couple of weeks. Ok I am hushing up now and getting to the pictures!!

Well, I am sure that I will be making some story boards soon but I havent gotten to those yet so I will post those later!! Now I just have some cute cadids of his smiles that are getting bigger and bigger everyday and this morning Sherrow and I almost got a small giggle out of him! So that is on its way too!!! Cant wait!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

There Done!!!

Yes they are taken Finally... After getting a snow day yesterday to clean the kitchen real good and to get Jaemen's room cleaned up and put up all his 0-3 month clothes and bring down his 3-6 month clothes. I got the pictures done this morning with good lighting bouncing off the snow!! I have to photoshop some of them which I still get frustrated with!! And I am frustrated with how my Camera takes the picture. If someone can help me with how to get my camera to take pictures in 300ppi and not 72 ppi??? But here is just a few I will post more tonight if I am not to tired from work or tomorrow when I get out of work tomorrow... a little sneak peak!!

This is my attempt at fixing a picture! To much saturation to start off with so if anyone can help me with my photo fixing steps I would really appreciate it!!! But here is another one that isnt fixed!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Daddy Team WON!!!

YEAHHH!!! Daddy team won!!! Not that I cared which team won I liked both of them. And braylon didnt get into the playoffs so I was upset the whole post season anyways... He had fun watching the game though with his dad for a little bit!! But Jaemen is going through this cat napping phase and doesnt like to miss the action so he gets really grumpy at the end of the night until he goes down at 10:30 about... Just wanted to post some pics from last night and a really good picture of him smiling!! Oh and yes! I SWEAR I will get his pictures done tomorrow when I get home from school. I have a big Orgo Test tomorrow so not tonight and I want natural light!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Table!!

Well we decided that we had a little extra money this month even with putting extra on the bills. So we went out and got a "cocktail" table... and this is what has me upset today also. I thought that you could go in pick what you want and get it loaded into your truck. Well I got told something different.. I have to wait until Feb 27th YUCK!! I dont like spending money and not having the item in hand when leaving the building. I love it though... and cant wait until the 27th!!
I like it.. We will get some rounded corners when jaemen starts using it to pull himself up!! Other then that I have nothing esle to post. Yeah YEAH i know I still have to do his 2 month pictures!! They were going to get done today but yeah that obviously didnt happen!!