Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 81-85

I just wanted to post some pictures from this week couple of things going on around here in the Jackson/Chapman Household..

First Day 81... I never thought a load of laundry getting washed would make me so happy, but when you havent had a washer/dryer since July then you would know what I meant! It did take a little work though.. First the store didnt have any washers or dryers and then we had to wait until the next day to get them delivered since Sherrow didnt want to break his back... then once we got them all hooked up the sewer lines in the basement were all clogged so I had sewage backing up in the basement. Next came the sewer cleaners and bleaching the basement down... But at last we are getting to the very last load of laundry that had piled up..
Day 83.. I got my hair done!! I love when I can get my hair done . It is red underneath looks really good I love it!!

By the way Jaemen is the worst helper when it comes to laundry he just throws everything out of the baskets and makes a huge MESS!!!

Day 84... Didnt have much to take a picture of... so me and Jaemen took a picture in front of the NEW curtains that I havent taken a picture of because I want to get the wall accents finished first plus they need to be hemed...

Day 85... I GOT GLASSES!! I can see. I have needed these for a while now. Awhile back I got a HORRIBLE eye infection and that was the end of contacts and was never able to get glasses so now that I have my insurance back, I got glasses now Sherrow is the next one.
This is also a picture of HURRICANE Jackson if the gate happens to be down when he gets up from a nap or in the morning this is what is going to happen 99% of the time. I will find Scooters whole water bowl completly filled with dog food...

Thats all for now...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I guess this is how it starts...

This is my screen to Picasa. I havent really taken many pictures other then for Project 365 so in one way I am very thankful that I am making myself stick to this project but on the other hand I am averaging about 190 pictures a MONTH on this rate I will have taken....
pictures by the end of the year. This is all with not that many holidays in there other then St. Pattys day... Twins bday and Valentines day!! We still have JJ birthday, 4th of July, Xmas, Thanksgiving... Oh BOTHER!! I feel another external hard drive coming my way!! hahah

Saturday, March 21, 2009

{ 80/ 365 }

I decided to take some time to myself and create a page for Week Seven!! (since it is like week 12) I have also updated shuttercal with all the pictures until today. It is back to do presentations, research, and papers tomorrow!!

Credits: U + Me = Love kit by BZB Designs

Thats it for now!! Have a great SUNDAY everyone!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patty's Day (77/365)

Well both me and Sherrow had to work so Jaemen spent the majority of the day with Granny but when we did go get him we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for 60 cent wing night!!! And then we played outside.. Jaemen is loving be able to just run.. run.. and RUN some more...

I am really still getting used to my camera and I just found this awesome site, (Meagen check it out) It lets you borrow lenses. So you can see how you like them before buying them!! I am soo going to try this when school is out!! I have been looking into possibly getting this lens in the far future so this might help my decision.

Here a few pictures and a comparison (meagen has been asking for this)

This is his new thing... He just goes around saying Oooooo....

And now that he is walking he wants to do a lot himself like going up and down stairs... (rusty cage action kinda cool)

This picture I didnt know if I liked it better in color or in B&W but for once I think COLOR...

And look at this one year later.. Jaemens little hair wasnt even curling and now he has a little fro. He looks so much more grown up and I CANT get him to smile for the camera anymore where it used to be so EASY!!! Now he smiles as soon as the darn shutter closes!!!

Until next time.. Photo of the day for today will come later went to the Space Research building at the University of Michigan.. (not very interesting picture just the pic of the sign) but I went there to see this...
Analytical Electron Microscope

Until next time!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

The Twins are ONE!!!

Wow... Isnt it crazy?? Doesn't seem like it has been that long but they are all grown up now... We got a great day to throw them a little party for thier first birthday. So I stepped aside and took a few pictures... They didnt want to give me a lot of smiles but I thought this one was pretty good.

Maybe we will take them to a park here soon and get some better ones when they want to smile. They didnt even want anything to do with the cake so they were tired.

Well I just wanted to post some of these for Afton... but I should be back tomorrow with some of Jaemen for St. Pattys day in his tshirt!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Might as well... (67/365)

Blog cause this little boy is not letting me get anything done!! Oh well...

I just wanted to post a few pictures anyways from Project 365.. which I was just getting caught up in and look at here I have through week six done and I am pretty sure it is like week 10 oops... They will get done soon!!!
But we had a couple of warm days lately and then to just have nothng but nasty rainy days to follow that stinks but hey that one day was nice... Got a few pictures of Jaemen outside for the first time since he can walk. I just seen how it is giong to be this summer. I cant wait to be able to take him to the park again... Maybe we will try and go again on April 20th like we did last year to get a year after picture even though our friend Meagen wont be there :(...
Here are a few from today on the new couch... Really washes him out so I guess I need to work on that...

This one isnt a good one but it does show you pretty well what has been keeping him up for the pass couple of nights.. Yes our little boy is getting the other two teeth to have a full bottom set. I am not really sure if this is usual to have almost a full set of teeth by 15 months but ours DOES!!! That is it for now though just wanted to post a few more Love you all night!!! SHERROW comes home tomorrow!! YEAHH!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

13 and a half hours later...

and I have 12 pages of my Final Research paper done. I started at 10 am this morning (or should I say yesterday morning) and it is now 1:31 am and just finished it. Tomorrow I have to revise it and do all the references and reference page. I am pretty sure that I am going to add another section to it. But for the most part I AM DONE!!! Now I have to put to the presentation together and then next is the Poster Presentation!! OH MY GOODNESS I will get to use my CRICUT!!!!
Other then that I should be getting our furniture tomorrow so the house is going to get a little face lift and I am going to hang all the curtains tomorrow also... So of course I will get pictures for you guys!! I hope I dont find Jaemen hanging from the curtains one day when I walk out into the living room. But that is why I just bought the cheap rods for right now to see how he is going to act with them. Hopefully he pays them no mind.

Oh yeah We (me and Jaemen since Sherrow is still in Nashville) are both sick. I have a pretty bad head cold that exploded in my head last night and jaemen came down with a 102 fever on Monday night and has been stuffed up ever since. This was Tuesday night and you can see his little eyes were all watery and red, poor little dude. This morning he started a little conjested cough so I will see if we are headed to the doctor tomorrow also.
Ps. not that anyone cares but I just reliezed that my cameras time was 12 hours off that is why I have been missing days all of a sudden for my Project 365... WOW!!! LIke I said not like anyone cares!!!
Update you more tomorrow.. Shuttercal has been updated today and I will do more tomorrow you can go to the side and click on the Project 365 icon