Tuesday, October 30, 2007

His Nursery is almost done!!!

Wow it really came together pretty fast. I am soo thankful for my dad and maryanne to come over and get it painted, that jump started the whole thing!!! But i just need a few shelves, to put up his letters (see below), and to get a few more things like monitor and things like that!!! I am pretty proud of it, it looks so cute!! Oh i also have to wash all of his clothes and soon I will have to get a picture of his closet cause it is FULL!!! along with all of his baskets with his oneies, socks, bibs... The kid has a lot of stuff!! But here are a few pictures and I will have more later when i am officially done!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What this is going to be...

This blog is going to be used to keep family members and friends that arent able to see Jaemen everyday updated. I will be trying to post a lot of pictures and updates so no one is left out!!! You should bookmark this page but I will give you the address at anytime you would like it also!! I will start with his ultrasound pics and hopefully soon my maternity pictures!! I hope people will appreciate this and check it!!! I am just hoping that once he is here that I will be able to update it as much as I would like to!!! Thanks!!!!