Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He made up for it allll.....

He (Sherrow) might have missed a couple important dates due to a work commitment but he certainly made up for it today!! I have been asking for a mixer for about 2 years I think now!! I love making cookies and cakes, I don't know I have just have wanted it!! And guess what it is sitting on my COUNTER!!!

First thing up to bake:
1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
2. Sock it to me Cake (for sherrow)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twelve Months Documented...

I finally have the first tweleve months of my sons life SCRAPED!!! I am very proud of myself since I rarely finish a project!!! I have a few more pages to get done like his first easter, thanksgiving, xmas that kind of stuff!! But the monthly is done!! I will put them all on here for you guys to recap in a slideshow! I should beable to get more done tonight since I wont be cleaning the house hardcord from Sherrows homecoming since I broke my little toe!! So perfect time to SCRAP!!!

ok so it is hard to see but trust me it is black and blue and on the side purple!!!

Here is your slide show!!!

Love ya Karidan

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project 365 Marches on...

May 17, 2009
My mom, Jaemen, and I took a trip for the first time down to Canton, Mich to visit the IKEA store!! It was everything I thought it was going to be!! I LOVED IT!! I was on my way for two tables for my scraproom that is currently being revamped even though it was never really "vamped"

May 18, 2009

My Camera is BACK!! All nice and cleaned and FIXED!! Oh I also had to give JJ a hug because it wasn't his fault.. I guess they are having a lot of problems with the AF censors!!

May 19, 2009

When we went to IKEA I picked up these rods that are normally used for hanging kitchen ultencils but I am using it for my own "Clip up"!! Now I can see everything that I have!! I have two of them right beside each other, one will hold all my stickers and rubons and the other will have all bigger embellies and clear stamps...

May 20, 2009
Went over to Grandpa and Grandma Chapman's last night... Great day just to sit out and play with the camera! Not a very good shot but this is JJ showing me that he has something on his hands with he hates!!

Lastly, I have done two more layouts for JJ's Baby Book almost done and I should finish it up tonight when JJ goes to bed!!! Here you go!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So fast..

My little man is growing up so fast in 10 days he will be 18months old. I got a new lens from Maryanne for my Graduation!! I LOVE IT!! I am still getting used to the lighting outside with all the shadows so work with me!! But anyways..

At 18 Months Jaemen has...

1. conquered running including running away from me.

2. he says... Ball (all the time), Momma, Da Da, and Wa Wa

3. He waves bye to everyone

4. Knows where his belly, nose, eyes, ears, and mouth

5. He knows where his clothes are suppose to go including socks and shoes.

6. Infatuated with Keys and putting them in holes... We cant get out of the car without the keys coming out of the ignition and him having them.

7. Is one of the sweetest kids you will meet... WHEN HE WANTS TO BE!!
Update of Project 365 will be tomorrow hopefully!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Release by Felicia...

I liked this kit a lot!! Probably do another layout here soon with this kit!! It is called On The Playground... You can get the kit and the alpha here...

And here is my layout I created with the Kit...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Part One update...

Ok ok ok ... here we go... (I think I am going to split this up into two posts)
First Project 365... we are back on track but I am finding it extremely difficult now days to take a picture of something... Some days it just comes to me and others it is like 11pm and I am like ahhh I need a picture!! Then we had a little interuption with the REBEL going down but 24 dollars later to ship it to New Jeresy to get it fixed I should have that back in about 10-14 days!! We are on day 127 and Jaemen fell the other day and for the first time actually has a pretty big bump on his noggin... So I tried my best to get a picture of it..
Day 127/365
With Sherrow being gone it has been a little stressful this time. Jaemen seems to be acting up a whole lot more. Maybe he knows that daddy is gone or maybe he just felt he was going to be a brat yesterday but YES!! Yesterday was Jaemens first official time out!! I am pretty sure he didnt get and thought I was just leaving him in his crib and running away from him. BUT I needed a minute. This boy has been a hurricane of emotions and throwing himself to the floor which most of the time I just step over him and let him figure it out but yesterday, wow yesterday it was just different... So this is what I came back into yesterday after I left him in there just to throw that fit!!...

But we will move on to another day 125/365... The rebel being all packed up nice and tightly..

I will update Shuttercal here in the next couple of days when I get all the pictures all situated and I also will start getting back to scrapping them once all of my mothers day cards are done.

Lastly, MY GRADUATION!!! It was wonderful. Again thank you to everyone that attended. I am still in the mist of collecting all the pictures that were taken by everyone that attended!! But I should have those ones this weekend... Here are some for now though...

Then there was the outfit underneath... I LOVED this outfit yes it was a little sexy but heck I am about to be 24 years old and it was my day and I wanted to feel important and feel like I looked great and I am pretty sure the oversized gown wasnt doing it for me. So I got a great outfit under it, it was a little sexy but corporate and professional looking....

In the next post I will show you the GREAT presents I got from my Dad and Maryanne... and hopefully more pictures... I have a few throw back pictures haha of Jaemen!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Quickie.. (haha)

I will update more tomorrow because YES i have French homework (when I just walked across that stage not more then 24 hours ago) And I am trying to get all my mothers day cards done!! Also I am still collecting pictures from everyone. BUT I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!
to everyone that was there to support me and share my graduation day with me!! I love you all and it meant a lot to me!! Tomorrow I will share some pictures from the big day and hopefully soon I will have some pictures from the ceremony that are good that my father took!! But we used old technology since the REBEL is out... so we have to wait for 35mm developing hehe.. How did we ever do it???
But seriously THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Interruption in Project 365..

The REBEL is down for the time being. It had a fall from the one and only Jaemen Jackson. So I had a little interruption in Project 365 but we are back on track with a replacement camera. Meanwhile... I am trying to finish up Jaemens Baby Album. And today is National Scrapbooking Day so hopefully after todays activities (manicures and pedicures with my girls for my graduation tomorrow) I will get some scrapping done!! I am up to Ten Months now though... with the addition of these two ~~~~~>

You can always find all of my layouts at scrapbook.com and in the margin to the right ~~>

The first kit that has been put out during my creative team has went on sale today and I have two layouts for that!! You can go here to check it out. Everything in her store is $2.00 or half off if under 2, EVEN THE BRAND NEW KIT!!!

Here are my pages for it.. Great kit for a little boy that loves his dinosaurs!!

But she did put out a kit for National Scrapbooking Day called Rainbow Bright...

I will have a layout for Rainbow Bright in a few days here... I just want to leave you guys with my new favorite picture of JJ. I caught it right before the camera stop working.. I think this is going to replace the picture in the frames in the living room (time for an update). Oh now that I think about it I forgot to post the pictures of Jaemen's First hair cut!! Well here is your first peak at it. I was making it a suprise for the grandparents so I didnt post it and then forgot!! I will get that up in a couple days!! It is a love hate relationship with me and his hair!!