Saturday, August 29, 2009


He is going to be TWO here in just a few short months. I can't believe it... even though you know he is going to be because he is starting the terrible two's way to early. But I finally got some good pictures of him when he was out camping last weekend and 'trick or treating'. ( I know way to early but that story will be later once the colder weather hits OH WAIT that is right my computer is telling me it is 61 degrees right now!! ) Anyways... The only problem with the pictures is he is in the wrong teams sweatshirt!! I will have to find him a Michigan one SOON football is here!!! More update later.. HEY it is my birthday I dont need to be spending my time on the computer so I will be back later.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sneak Peak..

So I have had a couple of shoots in the past week. But I believe this little one has stolen the show!!! He was haming it up for the camera for a couple of minutes and then the 3 year old came out and he is "done". As he kept on saying... But here is a little sneak peak for his Momma. You will probably recognize him from about a year ago I took pictures of him. Thanks for looking... I will have pictures up of my little one here soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer fun...

So we have been finally having summer weather here in good ol' Michigan and Jaemen has been loving it. He can finally play in all the water that he wants to. Every night when we come home he has gotten on his swimsuit and went right out to the pool... He loves playing in the hose and drinking all the water he can choke down.

Oh and as you can see one thing he loves to do is use his slid like a waterslide and he goes down feet first on his belly. He is nuts.

Other then playing in the pool last Sunday we took him to the Splash Pad in Grand Blanc and he LOVED that. Well at least until some big kid knocked him down and he took a pretty big knock to the head... THank god the ground was the real soft rubber flooring so he bounced but I am sure it hurt at least it looked like it hurt. After the fall, he got back out there but then he wanted us to go where ever he went so it was about time to go. He just drank all the water there too haha...

Here is a scrapbook page that I just threw together today after seeing a layout like it in a gallery that I look through almost daily. I loved it and it was for a mothers girl so I just knew I needed to make it for a "mama's boy" since everyone knows that is what my little man is.
Lastly, before I get out of here. I am sorry I have taken so long to get back about my medical scare. I am ok.... The doctor told me that it is due to the fact that my nerves run accross my body down my leg and are getting blocked by the scar tissue of my incision. Because of this the nerves are coiling around each other. There was a name for it but I cant find it online and dont know how to pronounce it... So anyways that is why there is a lot of pain since it is all nerve endings. Solution: I have to have steriod injections into the coil and hopefully this will reduce the pain and after a coupld injections do something to the nerves that I didnt understand haha... I was very relieved but the next day I was in about the same pain so I am upset that it didnt really work.
Well to end this, our lives are just consisting getting ready for Sherrow to leave on the 21st. And I think while daddy is gone we are going to switch Jaemen to a Big Boy bed... and start potty training... I was going to try and get rid of the pacifer but I think the two above things is enough for the little guy.. We will work on the pacifer later!!!
Until then

Saturday, August 8, 2009

U @ 20 Months..

A new layout I did of Jaemen... Hopefully I will be able to get all these pages I have been doing lately printed out soon.. about to upload them to the print lab and see how much!! Of course I missed the 99 cent a page sale.. agh..

Should be back tomorrow to update everyone on my medical problems which you should be happy to know aren't that big of problems actually... Yea!!

Until then... Karidan