Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just an update...

Ok so I guess I should tell you who is who for those who cant tell apart (hopefully I can let me know dad and maryanne plz if i mess it up)!!! Anyways 1. Of course our one and only little JJ!! (not so little anymore) 2. David 3. David again I LOVE THIS PICTURE!! 4. would be dill pickle aka Dillon and 5 would be David again!! Sorry dont know why I have more of David then dillon. As you can see the twins are starting to sit up yeah!!!! I just want to eat them up!! You can see the a bunch more pictures of them and jaemen at the baby shower in the web albums look to your right to find that link!!! Thanks for looking!! Love you all!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Business Cards need your opinion

Whatcha think?? I had a quick minute to throw something together.. I need to get this done cause everyone is always asking me for my number or email.. so if you think there should be somcething more or if this is perfect let me know!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

9 Month Pictures

I was pretty lazy this month and really wanted a picture of jaemen in the tub so I took him to sears for just a few pics!! So here you go!! I am going to be sending most of you a wallet unless you are a grandparent then you will get your 5x7 or 8 x10 if you want them! I love the way they turned out!!!

Isnt he just adorable?? I cant even stand it!! I cropped the second picture closer to his face and cut out his little legs but it is so cute his two little teeth showed so much!! But yeah dont try printing them they are really low resolution so it print a 4x6 I will give you a picture if you would like one guys!!! Leave a comment if you do want one and you arent a aunt uncle grandparent of his!!! Thanks guys!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

aghhh Gas Prices!!

Just got a call from my stepmomma that gas prices are going up to over $5.00 a gallon and in some places they are already over $6.00. ERRR... Oh yeah and Sherrow left today for Moore Okaloma which is smack damb in the middle of the state so I am pretty sure he will be feeling some of that storm. Not to much by the time it gets up that far inland I am sure it is going to like a strong thunderstorm. Not to much to post but I told Meagen that now lives in florida and wont get to see Jaemen that much at all any more that I would try and keep the blog more updated!! At least picture wise!! I have a picture of Jaemens new teeth they are coming down real well and I caught him laughing a lot at dinner yesterday they are adorable when he laughs pretty sure he is going to have a little gap though...

Just to let you guys know though that I will be planning birthday parties here soon. One is going to be a little early probably because it looks like daddy is going to be in Kentucky over his birthday :( We will see though we don't quite know the dates yet!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Busier then ever!!!

I know I said I would try and update the blog more but I am seriously in the hardest semester ever I think!! Last night I was in my Physical Chemistry class for 7 and a half hours SERIOUSLY!!! I went in at 11 to the lecture and came out of the lab at 6:30 I was blown away!! Anyways... So my life is going to be in the lab this semester!! Then I have two photo shoots this week also!!

Sherrow is leaving again next friday for Okaloma we found out about 3 days ago but it was official today!! He will be gone again for 2 weeks not sure how this one is giong to go with so much of my life consumed with homework!! Feel free to come pick up Jaemen when ever you would like him in those two weeks!! haha...

Well on to the little bug.. He is starting to clap his hands it is so cute he screams at his hands cause they dont make the noise my does and then gets surprised when they do make noise. SO FUNNY!! Other then that he loves the fridge, dogs water bowl and his new ball toy!!! Not much with him going on other then the fact that he is 9 months old!!!

I did however for my birthday get my Pictures up FINALLY!! YEAHH!!! Sorry aunt joyce it took so long!! But here they are ... I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you again Aunt Joyce!!!
Then I also recieved my new dining room table I love it too!! we can eat in peace without worrying about little bug spilling our drinks and hitting our plates. I can do homework with out all the pages getting tore!! So very good investment!!!