Monday, November 30, 2009

Our little boy is...


(he had just ate breakfast on thanksgiving.. forgive his mouth)

He is getting so big and so grown. Everyday he is getting so smart and I love it... But as any momma would be I am sad. I miss that little lovebug that would just cuddle with me all day if I wanted him too. Sure he cuddles now at night and I am sooo thankful for that but I miss the baby. On the other hand I think to many people have told him he is turning two and he internalized that which has told his mind he can act out in a "Terrible Two" way. Whew!! That boy has been something else lately. We are going to celebrate his birthday a little today just give him our present and then later in the week we are going to have small parties for him with Grandma's and Grandpa's. So pictures to come from that..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving... If you follow me on, you have seen I have been trying to keep up with things that I am thankful for.

Not in a specific order...

1. My family

2. My warm home.

3. My Job and hopefully the new one to come (more about later)

4. My child and how no matter how bad of a day I have had he makes me smile.

5. My camera to allow me to capture these moments in life.

6. My health.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture Total...

So I have been wanting to do this for a while but of course I wanted it to get closer to the end of the year. This is a pie chart of every month and the amount of pictures I have taken each month. This figures do NOT include any phoot shoots that I have done with clients or with JJ. I usually put those into a separate folder by themselves. Pretty crazy and even though Project 365 tailed off in about August, I have been steadily taking pictures the rest of the time.

Some Stats:
Total pictures so far: 2,316
Largest month: July, Why? I am not totally sure.. Kristen was home so I did take some pictures of the kids... and Jaemen and I played a lot in the water this month but other then that it was like every other month just took A LOT of pictures.
Lowest month: August... And I guess I just took so much in July I thought it was time for a break.
Average: 210.54 pictures a month

I am sure that November and December are going to top all of those because of the holidays. November already has a great start but I also have not went through those pictures and deleted the bad ones.

Until next time,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Scrapbooking update...

Of course with Sherrow gone, I have been getting a little scrapping done. I am hoping to get a little more done tonight or tomorrow night since I cleaned and organized my room a little again today...

Wow... Let me say that again.. WOW!!! I havent showed you guys a page in quite some time. My last post with a page was September!! So I guess I have a few to show you!! Well I guess I will go most present to oldest.

This layout has to be one of my favorites so far.. I really like this one!!! Hope you do too!!!
Next, I just finished a layout from last xmas. Of the twins and Jaemen all wearing their Santa hats. I am hoping to get a picture again this Christmas and the next few christmas'. I think that would be pretty neat!!

Then yes of course my little boy is turning two here soon and this picture was when he was about 20 months... and Almost Two... Then last but not least. I created these when I did get some decent pictures of the twins... I swear I thought I posted these but I can't find the post. So if I have posted these I am sorry for the repeat but I wanted everyone to see these. Hopefully I can get more pictures of them from their first year and now to document more of there lives, like I am doing for Jaemen.

Having Jaemen's first album done is sooo satisfying to me! I love it. It is the first album I have ever completed and I really don't think it ever going to be completely complete. As you can see I am still adding to it!! But I have what I set out to do done. I am now working on more of his second album and already have 5 layouts done in that one. I know that others might not understand the whole scrapbooking world and think that I am a little obsessive about it sometimes. But I love that there is more then just pictures to look at and a story behind it. From this point on I really want to focus on more then just Jaemen in my albums and create a separate family album. So if on the holidays I ask you to pose for a picture!! Warning you might end up on my blog on a layout!!

Well until next time...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So when do you think it is going to happen??

When will be the first snow fall??? I know everyone has reprogrammed their stereos in their cars to 100.3. Unfortunetly our new car does not get the reception all that well with that channel so I will have to put together some cds for the down time. Well the weather is calling for 60s again so I propose for you wonderful men that put up the xmas lights every year in the freezing cold.. to get out there this weekend and start getting them up. At least this year you wont lose your fingers. Also if there is anyone out there that would love to help me and put mine up this year, contact me!! haha... No Sherrow knows what is on his list when he comes back from Dickson, Tenn.

Next on the list to update you with are pictures of the TWINS!! Not!! They are not in the picture taking mode at this point of there lives and didnt give me much to work with.. I had some great ideas like I always do. And they wanted no part of it. I think at one point Afton is like how to regular people get pictures. I told her they have REGULAR children. Haha.

And the only one I really liked... I have wanted to get this shot of myself, Sherrow, and JJ but at least I could capture this for my sister and brother....

I, of course, did get a few pictures of Jaemen. He is turning Two, YES TWO, in two short weeks. Wow, I think that this is going to be harder for me then one. He is growing sooo fast! He is learning new words everyday and of course hitting those terrible twos fast also.

Well, until next time....


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Activities...

Well, our Internet has been down for about a week now. So I have fell even more behind then I normally already are. With Sherrow only home for two weeks we have been trying to spend as much time with him and get all of our activities done.

So first off we have the pumpkin patch. We had to go on a Tuesday so unfortunately the hay ride wasn't running to pick pumpkins. But they did have a few nasty ones up at the front. Jaemen thought he was strong enough to pick them up. And I am a sucker for cute jeans on little boys.

Note: Why are we looking for a new pumpkin to carve, Dad?? That is becuase we had a little critter I believe one night that was a little hungry and took a rather large chuck out of his pumpkin and left blood from there gums all over it.. Very upset!!

He has sooo much fun at the ceder mill. They have a corn box instead of a sand box.. which for adults is disgusting and you can't even go in with your child because of all the dust in the air but the kids love it. They have a wood train for them to climb in and play in. And last but not least they have these huge drain pipes I think they are for slides and JJ loves coming down those.

Then there is trick or treating... We werent out very long because it was nippy and I am guessing the rest of the people in Michigan thought the same thing cause we didn't have half the amount of people that we did last year. Everyone again loved the costume and it was a hit!! AND I didnt see anyone else have it so I am very happy. Of course Jaemen wasn't really up for pictures he was way to interested in candy.. but here are the pictures I did get. p>

Well until next time,