Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gettin' it done....

I have been cranking out the pages for Project 365 since I was almost 10 weeks behind!! WOW.. wouldve probably had more done but Christine and I went to see STOMP last night!! It was great!! I didn't take my camera because they said no cameras but she took her small one so I will have pictures in a couple days... (hopefully tonight)

Here are a couple.. and the girl I am designing pages for said she would have a kit for me pretty soon so be on the look out for that!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I made a few mistakes on the post I made last night.. Sorry it was about 11 pm haha.. they are now changed. You actually will probably have to go to the website becuase the website will just change the post not resend out an email!!

Love you all, espectically you DAD!!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Update (107/365)


Well lets start at some cool news!! I have been picked to design for a digital scrapbook designer. Now that I dont have school (well in a week) I will have time to do some of the things that I love. What this entails for me to do is turn in a layout per kit that she designs (will try to do at least two for her) and for me to post those layouts in the galleries that I already do post plus her store You will see her blinkie to the right and below to go to her blog and see all of her designs. Felicia is a great designer so please go and check her out if you are interested. ****OK so I just want people to know that I didnt think my dad would want to go her store but I guess he is interested soooo click above DAD!! LOVE YOU!!****

But that is pretty exciting... So watch for some layouts to come!!!

Next, Jaemen going to the hospital. I am still getting asked what happened so I guess I will go through the whole 24 hours that we were in the hospital. Well it first started out that night after I put him to bed. But let me remind him that he was perfect ate a whole dinner and everything. At about 10 pm though I had a feeling something was wrong since he wasn't sleeping well at all. He was waking up about every 30 minutes... finally about 3 am I pulled him into our bed with us and he was crying like he was in pain and a little bit of agony. I thought maybe an ear infection so I gave him a little bit of Tylenol. Waited for that to work and 3o minutes later he was still crying and now screaming at times. I was getting pretty worried so I work Sherrow up and asked him if he had went to the bathroom that day and he said no. So now I am really thinking a belly ache plus now I can hear his little tummy bubbling. I finally get him to practically pass out with us at about 6:30. He woke up with me at 9 but still he was moaning and whining all the way through those three hours. At nine I got him some gas X for babies and then went to store for some Prune juice and left for work telling Sherrow to call me if he thinks it is getting worse. Sure enough like an hour into work he text me telling me he is really screaming and still hasnt even walked a step. (very unusual for our on the go little boy) So I called the doctor and they said get him to the ER now. So we get there and they were telling us it sounded like Appendicitis, which is completely scary. So they ordered labs, X-rays, and ultrasounds to check. As we were coming back from x-rays they were telling me the labs did not come back good and we met the pediatrician surgeon that was called in for my child. That is scary. And she felt him and told us she didnt think it was appendicitis but something was wrong still and it could be that his bowels were retracting into themselves causing a lot of irritation. So he got a barium ***enima*** (Sorry spell checker changed it he is not anemic, I have also linked it if you dont know what the poor little guy had to go through***where we good see all of his intestines and after this happened we were admitted for the night. It was so sad to see my little boy so out of it. But it was like something just clicked and he came back to life. We were so excited that he had stopped crying and it seemed like everything was better. So we were discharged the next day with the doctors not really knowing what happened because they didnt find anything during the anemia but they said that it might have not been happening at that time and the anemia fixed it. Whatever it was the anemia fixed it he might have just needed to be flushed out. He has been ordered to eat more fruit and veggies but that is pretty hard we have resorted back to baby food fruit cause he wont eat real fruit and he only eats peas. Oh and LOTS and LOTS of water. (which he gets a lot anyways so that didnt matter) So all in all he is fine and thanks to every one that gave him your prayers and to my dad and maryanne for bringing up the great calzone ever since I didnt get to eat until like 7 that night.

I have updated Shuttercal with pictures. Lately it has been getting pretty hard to find something to take a picture of but hopefully after this little last hump of school I will have time to actually think about it and get a little more creative. Because I have hit the 100th day of Project 365 and I think that is something that I have made it that far. Sherrow asked me the other day, "Have you been taking pictures everyday or have you fallen off?" I was like "Heck no!! I am on top of it!!"

On the school front, I have a final on Monday along with my poster presentation. I also have a paper due (which I knocked out today) and 3 lab report to wrap up on Sunday. Then just my final Analytical lab report for my mini project and I WILL BE DONE!! YEAHH!!!

At last, I am going to leave your with a picture of Sherrow at the casino with his winnings for his first time at the blackjack table. I didnt take my camera (i know, I know) but Sherrow wanted me to just leave it at home so I could just have fun and not worry about pictures. BUT I did was like oh man I wish I had my CAMERA!! So I just took pictures with my Camera phone like I did with Jaemen in the hospital.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poster is DONE!!!

Ahhh... I am completely done with everything that is due in my Senior Seminar class. I just have to stand around on Monday and answer my professor's questions. So here you go a little progression of the poster...

(ok dont mind the pj pants and chilis shirt combo hahaha) but this is the start of the board I was up until 2:30 am last night finishing up most of it and just had to glue it all on and position it today. And here is the finished project....

And then just a little more up close look on how I gave my poster that scrapbooking touch!! haha.. I added depth to the poster by putting foam squares to the back to my letters! OH yeah and THANK YOU to my CRICUT!!! All those letters from the title to the heading were all cut out by the CRICUT it certainly has been worth the money just on this project I LOVE IT!!!

Now on to a research paper, 3 lab reports and to the CASINO for the first time ever for Charmaines b-day!! Oh and a couple more LONG nights!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Favorite Easter Pictures

Here is Jaemen while opening up presents!! I love this picture... Thank you Dad for taking the camera and getting some good shots!!! (and some shots I didnt need) haha..
Here is also the only good studio picture that I could get of Jaemen... after two attempts I just couldn't get him to sit still and SMILE!! he is the hardest thing to get to smile anymore!!
Dont have much time to write the update and everything because even though I have finished all of my Formal Presentations ( got B's on all of them even the BIG one I was happy with that) I still have homework in Adv. Analytical due tomorrow, Lab reports, A paper over the presentation I did yesterday, and a Poster Presentation over the Large presentation I gave all due on Monday!! So still a very busy week ahead of me but I am almost DONE!! YEAHHH!!!!
Be back soon!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Short Update

For right now I just wanted to give a short update and let everyone one know Jaemen is ok. We had a little scare but for right now (considering the fact that he goes to the bathroom here real soon) he is doing just fine. I will be back with more of the story later but I have to get to work, and now I have to pull a long night since easter is tomorrow and I have to finish a presentation.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Senior Seminar {Day 96/365}

First of the bat, only 4 more days and we have hit 100 days of 365!! yeah for me!! Next, today was my Senior Seminar day. My 45-50 minute presentation to my professiors aghh... Very Very nerve wrecking.
But all went pretty good.. I answered all but one question so lets hope it was good enough!!
(swear my hair looked better then that when I left the house hahaha)

Thats all today, I have another presentation on Monday and a paper due on the 20th, along with a Poster presentation on the 20th of the presentation I just did today.. Oh and dont let me for get I have an exam on the 20th also... But this was one of the biggest stresses!!!
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