Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 53 and 54/365

I havent had anything interesting to take pictures of before the weekend that is why I really havent shared. But this weekend my dad(***Correction*** I did not know that Maryanne set this entire day up so I must thank Maryanne for taking us out) took us kids out for a little getaway time. (well at least it was for me) It was real nice to sit with the family and not worry about little monster running everywhere. Here are a couple of the pictures... (Dad look in your email)

Dave in Action...

Dad in action....The whole Fam at Dinner... (photo of the day)

Dad with his mouth full playing pool... And just to make dad and maryanne crazy.. What I had for dinner and that is an XTRA SMALL.. Can you believe it!! I would hate to see what a large was cause Afton and Steph had a Small and it was twice the size of this one..
And then we have tonight's photo of the day..

I have gotten Week Six done very excited. So here you go!! Kinda different then my usual ones but I think it came out cute!! Let me know what you guys think!!

Other then that.. I am enjoying my Spring break a little bit at least. Today I spent a lot of time at the school and got a lot of work done.

1. My Advanced Analytical Final Lab topic. I will be looking at the difference between brand name perfumes and knock off perfumes using the GCMS (Gas Chromatography-Mass spectroscopy)

2. The outline and research is done for the presentation over (HPLC ICP-AES, yes the whole alpha bit practically.. Now I just have to start the Powerpoint.

3. Two of the 5 problems done on my Physical Chemistry Test done.

Hopefully when I get done with work tomorrow I can get my presentation for Advanced Analytical done and then move on to me senior seminar paper...

Well until next time.. Hopefully I can show you guys some pictures of the small renovations we have going on at the house soon whenever I can find them in the store!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Week Five

I told you have I would get the pages done as soon as spring break it. Well I decided that I wasnt going to work on anymore school work tonight since I have been at the school all day working on exams and quizzes. Sooo here you go... Much more to come hopefully!!!

Ps. Just reliezed that I didnt put the days of the week on pictures so I am going to do that now and repost... and I seen that there are typos so I am going to change those too!! hahah

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Photo-A-Day 46/365

I do want to start posting more of my Pictures from Photo-A-Day!!! I am hoping to get in 2-3 a week so you guys arent just seeing the layouts. Mentioning the Layouts I finally had January printed off and I am soo happy with them. I cant wait to get more done over Spring Break. But here is my Picture from today....

Jaemen always plays behind my chair (when he is being good) when I am doing Homework so cute and the pictures actually are kinda cool from the geometry of the wall...

Hope everyone had a great V-Day!!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just trying something...

But you do get a picture of the little mug!! Isnt that sweater to die for!! One day when the weather is good when we wake up we will do his pictures for Vday!!! (and in that sweater) Until then, I am just trying to get better pictures something I have been trying to figure out for a while now.

EDITED: YEAH IT worked!! now I just need to sharpen my pictures up for you guys cause now you can see everything!! Much thanks to Andrea Burns!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Really??? Already??

Yeah it is already here. My baby just doesnt want to be fed no more. He will shove his face into his highchair unless you give him the spoon to do it "Himself." Really help from mom and dad to put it in his mouth. (see below) So his life is full of a lot of PB&J's, Grill Cheese, and other assortments of finger foods. (anything I can think of)
Breakfast..Not to bad since it is only fruity Cheerioes...

Dinner.. Yup just but a bip on him and let him try and do it.. but daddy thought it was getting out of control so decided that session was over..

BUT I guess Jaemen was not full... And decided he was going to get more....


Thursday, February 5, 2009

ShutterCal Problems?

Are you all having problems seeing my Project 365 Pictures? My dad just informed me that he actually had to go and look up my name on the website. I thought I was linking you right to the calendar. So I updated the calendar, sorry I am getting behind but dont think I am not taking the pictures becuase I am just dont have the time to upload them all the time with school. It isnt updated to the date because I have to get some pictures off the camera but it is to february now. Here is another link and hopefully this works for you dad!! Let me know if it doesnt though...

hopefully this week I can get a post going.. I did order my pages to start the actual scrapbook for Project 365 so I will take some pictures of that. Then I am trying to put together some other things hopefully I can get the weather to cooperate with me for JJ's Valentine pictures and then hopefully he cooperates himself (doubt it).

Until next time,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week 4

Yeah I know it is week 5 but I still have all of the pictures for 5 just havent had time to do the layout!! Anyways.. here is week 4...