Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Sunday we took a trip out to the Cider Mill. We had to get pumpkins and it had been a while since I was able to get out to get those yummy yummy warm donuts. Jaemen was pretty tired but was a trooper and just amazed with all of the kids and people running around. We are going again this weekend thank goodness cause almost all of the pictures came out horrible!! I dont know what my camera was set at but they were all grainy and plus the sun was soo harsh!! Here is one though I guess just so you can see I promise better ones this weekend. I wont be so rushed and maybe he will be a little less tired!! Gotta get going to my Fathers house though talk to you later!!!
You see whaat I mean about grainy and nasty pictures!! YUCK!!! Hate when that happens

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yes Jaemen had his next day of Trick or Treating!!! This time it was 95 degrees and everyone was in full costume!! I just wanted to show some pictures from the day!! We had a lot of babies there... Lets see all the way from 6 days old.... 4 or 6 weeks (sorry aunt april cant remember)... 4 months....7 weeks.. 7 Months (the twins) and and 10 months (thats our jj the oldest)!! Lots!!!

Kinda of crazy!! Anyways... Here are some more pictures from the day!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall is Here.....

I love this time of year!! The colors, the chilly mornings (until i have to get out of the warm covers and then sherrow has to bring me sweat pants and a sweatshirt so I can get dressed under the covers :)) the only thing I dont like is my CHILD HAS NOTHING TO WEAR hehe!! Time to go shopping!!!

Well I finally got a minute to myself to give you guys a small update... Sherrow is back from Oklahoma and it is soo nice to have him back. I cant finally get a little bit of homework done with Jaemen up. School is still kicking my butt.. I have tests, quizzes, a 10 min presentation all this week to do still. On top of that I have to start planning jaemens 1st birthday, decorate the house for fall/halloween ( I would love to do something like this or this, Take jaemens 1 year pictures for this birthday invites ( i have great idea in my head that involves quite a mess), and to buy jaemen a new warobe because he has out grown everything!! So my to do list is a mile long and I dont have anytime to do any of nor the money because I dont have time to work either hehe...

Next on my agenda is to make christmas cards to get up on the website so look back to them. They are going to come with a mini family session to get a updated family picture also. So i have to get that all put together I am hoping to do it before the fall colors go away!! You can also opt to just give me a family picture and just get the christmas cards!! So look for those soon hopefully (probably not until my Chemistry presentation is done next friday though)!!

well until next time!! I have to go get started on my powerpoint presentation!!! Love you all!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Purse??

Hey it giving away free hangbags for an hour!! Check them out!! I want this one!!!