Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time Flies!!!

Wow where has the last 4 months gone? I am pretty sure they went with all the sleep I have lost hehe... But I love it!!! Yes Jaemen today is 4 months old. I cant even believe it but like I said I am loving it!! We are finally getting adjusted I think. It is getting easier to get him out the door and be on time somewhere (unless he wants to sleep for 3 hours for his nap and we need him up in 2 hehe). We have come to find out that we dont think he likes green beans but loves sweet potatoes!! I am going to try one more time tonight for him to get the green beans down! We have squash and then peas to try also so we have to move on hehe!!
<<~~~ This is Jaemen on Easter with his first try at Mashed potatoes!! I dont know if he liked them or not I think he did though!! All I have left is a picture of the family on Easter. Jaemen was looking pretty cute and I am upset I didnt get any pictures but I have to do his 4 month/Spring pictures here real soon they are going to be soo cute I hope!! I have a surprize prop for him!! So I have been pretty busy this week. I had to go and get fitted for one of my best girlfriends wedding. Her wedding dress was sooo beautiful!! The wedding isnt for another year but her and I have been through a lot. We met through ex boyfriends and that is the only good thing that came out of that boyfriend. Sarah I love you and I cant wait for the day!! I got great pictures of her little one that is just starting to walk. I havent been able to get pictures of little Bella since she has been a week old. Shame on me!! So her is a picture of her dress and the little one.

And then today I got over to my sisters house to get the twins first pictures. They really werent that cooperative!! They are still just sooo small and they wanted to poke their brother in the eye or kick him!! So no pictures together but soon I am going back this week I hope to do some more and figure out a different way to but them together!!! I have a lot of favorites but here are my most favorites and hopefully I didnt get them mixed up!

Isnt this the most adorable thing

All of these are David above!! ^^ Dylan wasnt very cooperative so we will have to try again he is below though

Monday, March 24, 2008

MMMmmmmmMMMmmm GOOD...

He LOVE IT!!! I knew he would too... Everyone kept telling me that it takes forever for babies to adapt to food but NOPE not my boy! He got that first bite in there, swirled his little tongue around and then started going to town on it!! He ended up eatling like a half jar of Sweet Potatoes and some cereal, I was like whoa!! I am going to have a fat baby on my hands soon!! hehehe... he fell right to sleep after that and we will see if that holds him over for longer then a bottle. Oh I also gave him like 4 oz of a bottle and then he stopped so he was good and full!! I was upset though because I left my camera at Sherrows moms house and so you know that I had to use my STUPID camera. And that made me for sure put it on ebay tomorrow when I get my other camera to take pictures of it!! Just a short post though tonight since it is like 1130!! But I do have a lot of pictures though... I have some from tonight and some of my Nephews!!!

My Nephews.... Look at how small they are!!! I swear I will get better pictures of them. That NICU is horrible lighting and they are so sensitive!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am so proud of our little one... he is achieving all the milestones he is suppose too! for a minute though I was getting worried because he really wasnt taking to his toys or paying any attention to them. Really I just need to let nature take its course and not worry so much what the "books" say. But yes we are

  • Sitting up supported and doing very well at that until he gets way to excited.

  • when he sees mommy and daddys face he gets really excited

  • Now reaching for toys

  • putting things in mouth (think we have a blanket boy on our hands)

  • recognizing his bottle (that is our hungry little boy)

  • and I am pretty sure he was really looking at my hotdogs today wanting a piece!!

  • oh he has found the dog!! hehe he looks at Scooter like what is that hairy thing!!

I am loving it though. This has been the most fun I have had with him. Now that he can answer back to us and he talks so much. Some times I really believe that he knows what we are talking about. hehe... But he will talk back to me while I am rocking him to sleep.

Nothing much is going on here though... I just cant wait for School to be over, last night I was up until 1 studying and then got up with Jaemen at his 4 ol clock feeding and stayed up to studying until it was time to leave at 730!! I want a NEW job!! I would love for it to be something in my field but right now that is not very likely it will happen just not right now!! I want gas prices to go down so I could not only afford going to Target but now I have to see if we can afford the gas to get there!! But on a happier note... I really cant wait for Saturday. I get to go and see my nephews for the first time!!! Either they have not been in good health or I have not been in good health and DO NOT want to get them sick or my sister sick so that she can take care of them when they do get home. Oh you probably want an update on them though.. They are both in there own cribs and not in incubators anymore. They are trying to get them to eat and as of the last time I knew David was eating pretty good even though I think that he stopped eating as much and Dylan was still not eating from a bottle. If I am wrong on that Dad Please let me know and I will change my info!!! I have to get going though so OF COURSE I am going to leave you with some PICTURES!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


So everyone is ok! Afton is doing good she is having a small procedure done today but she is ok. Babies are improving with the days. Afton has been able to hold David but not Dylan yet because he still isnt having great respiratory improvement but he is getting better. Afton should be coming out of the hospital soon, not sure though if they are going to have her stay because of this procedure they have done today. Babies wont be out though until the middle of next week hopefully that is the earliest though.

As for us, all of us are coming down with a little something. I have a little cough but mainly sore throat. Sherrow hasnt been feeling like himself lately. And the little peanut wakes up with a little conjested cough!! So cute but then I dont like it at all! Busy week though with going up to the hospital almost everyday and all of that stuff so we are getting a little ran down. I think it might be the weather change, since one day it will be like 40 and the next it is sub zero out again.

I have no pictures.. I KNOW I cant believe it either but I still havent even seen the babies in real life just pictures that others have taken and I have been so busy we havent gotten any of JJ either!! BUT, BUT I do have a digital scrapbook page for you!!! Always have something hehe!!! Talk to everyone later enjoy!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Babies, Babies, and more Babies...

My sister had her twins today around 12 noon... They are in good health!!! One was 4 lbs 2 oz and one was 5 lbs 3 oz!! She is doing great also just in a lot of pain from the C-section!!! I will have pictures soon!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our little Talker...

So we are sitting here tonight watching our favorite shows that have accumulated on the DVR and all of a sudden we reliezed that we have been rewinding several parts of our show. And this is the reason why...

So I decided that I would get it on video!! I got a couple of new pictures to.. nothing big just some candids!! In the next week here I think I have decided to try him on some cereal in the next couple of weeks with some fruit or dessert with his formula. I will definetly have some pictures of his first food and bite!!! Be Back!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


A lot of people have actually been asking me if they can print Jaemen's pictures right from this website and I think it all depends on how I upload them. So I did a little research and come to find out every picture that I have been uploading to the website actally uploads right to its own album at google. (didnt know this) AnyWHO... You can go to this link here Picasa Web Albums. There you go that is all the pictures I have ever uploaded. From here you can order the pictures from whatever provider that you want... I order from and really like them and they offer a lot of great deals all the time!! I will put this link on the side of the blog to so that you can always have the link! If I ever have a lot of picture from one event or something I will post that a link to that album also!! I will not make the albums of the people I am taking pictures of though those you will not be able to access those or order them through Picasa because that would just defeat the purpose. You could just order the prints off online instead of from me and that isnt fair right!! hehe... Ok enough about that!!

Dont have a lot of updates thought.. nothing much is going on here. Just getting back into the groove of things with school starting back up and everything. The organic test that I studied over like 12 hours for. Yeah that was the hardest test I have ever taken in my college career, that was awarded to my Anatomy class but I was pregnant and if I wouldnt have been in so much pain I probably could have studied easier and all that info was right out of the notes. This test was all reactions and about impossible. EVERYONE I have talked to said they did horrible on it!! So we will see!!
I have to think of another idea for Jaemens Three Month Pictures!! I dont know what I want to do!! He is so close to sitting up by himself!! I LOVE IT!! Things will get so fun in his pictures now!! So if you see something fun let me know!! I think I am going to try him on his tummy he is getting better with that and those are cute pictures!! That is about it though... Oh they sent Afton home today I guess. I havent talked to her today but that is the latest news!!! Love you all!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh and did I mention...

He have two lines on our bottom gums and he is constantly putting his little hand in his mouth. He hasnt been to fuzzy thank goodness but last night we were up for a while last night but he really isnt crying and fuzzy just up a lot wanting a bottle to suck on or something to suck on!! We will see though when they start cutting through the gum!! Yikes!! Just a little update!!

Karidan and Jaemen