Friday, July 25, 2008

Were all alone... :(

Yes... Sherrow left today!!! In the meantime I have a whole list of things to do!!! 1. CLEAN... CLEAN... CLEAN.. 2. Get scraproom in order 3. SCRAPBOOK!! I have had the biggest urge to scrap and I cant!! I hate it!! So I need to get on that!! I am going to paint here soon.. I do need to contract someone out though I need shelves hung!! Oh and Dad I need washers so i can do this... Let me know what you can do!!! Anyways... I want to make cards and layouts!! So many ideas in my head!! But on the other hand I want to pick up a lot of shifts at work so I am going to have to find a happy medium!!

Anyways.. for our last little family thing before Sherrow left we all went to the park (me, sherrow, dymond and jj ohh and of course the camera) I wanted to get some pictures of them together and some comparison pictures so here is a good one...

Look here he had to have a blanket and last night he is sitting by himself and loving the swing!!!

Yesterday April 20th (5 months)

This one you can see how much he has grown being on Dymonds lap!! Kinda of crazy!! His little hair is filling in very nice also!!!

So anyways.... I will leave you with one more picture from last night!!! I am going to be posting a lot hopefully cause daddy should be checking the site also when he is down there!!! love you all... p.s. aunt joyce we have the frames filled they look awesome now i am just waiting for someone to hang them for me and I will post a picture of them for you!! Thank you so much again I LOVE THEM!!!

Sorry two pictures couldnt leave the B & W one out!! BYE!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Am I a bad Mother??

I just had to take this picture before I took him out of his jumperoo... The boy had not taken a nap since 10:3o this morning. I put him down once and 15 minutes later he was right back up! So when I seen him getting real tired in his toy I let him put himself to sleep and sure enough 15 bounces later I looked up and he was asleep on the tray. The funny thing was he would bring his head back up and keep on bouncing with his eyes closed!! It was soo cute!! I have been falling behind in the picture category with him so tomorrow I am pretty I am going to take him to the park for a couple of pictures.. I know most of you are like What?? Falling behind?? But when I go back and I only have like 10 pictures I dont think I have enough. It might be a sickness but I don't want to miss out on anything. So maybe a picture a day.. whatcha think?? Especially since I am out of school right now and can do it!!

P.S. We just found out about 2 hours ago that Sherrow will be going to Cincinnati to open up his first Logans down there!! He will be leaving next Friday the 25th and I will be going down there on the 8th of August to pick him up!! That is going to be a lonely 2 weeks... I havent been without him since I went Texas in what 2006 I think that was the year!!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Had to freshen up a little bit...

How do you guys like the new background for the blog?? I was kind of tired of just the black!! This still makes my pictures look good also!! Anyways... Just for the record our little one is getting into everything!! He officially took every single piece of laundry out of the basket today and knocked over all of the DVDS!! We definitely have to get everything off the floor but the little bugger is so tall he can get into a lot of stuff!! He is also trying incredibly hard to pull himself up!! Here is the start of his trouble...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know, I Know...

I have been neglecting this blog but not to much is going on around here it is pretty much the same thing everyday. Work, sleep, play with baby... work, sleep, spend time with baby... I have though chopped all of my hair off as you can see in the picture of me and Jaemen messing around with the camera!! I love to see what kind of face Jaemen gives the camera when it goes off!! Next big news is Jaemen has finally cut his next tooth!! It has been what like 4 months since he got his first two teeth... This time it is only one top tooth! I am soo happy for him though they are so so swollen up there but of course we have had a little bit more fussier baby along with him waking up day and determined to crawl. He doesnt quite have it yet but the boy just wants to dive head first to the floor and then screams casue he has hit his head!! Oh and if he doesnt do that he screams after like 2 mintues because he doesnt either get what he dove for or he just cant stand his belly!! ( not to interupt my whole blog but Miss USA just fell on stage going for miss Universe dont think that is going to happen now) Anyways... I am pretty sure that is all that has happened this week! Have finally picked what pictures are going to go in the picture frames my most wonderful aunt Joyce got me!! For right now they will go on the two walls surrounding the TV which is the main focal point of the room it is what you see when you walk in... I love it!!
I am finally going to have my photography up on my own walls!! Well at least two of them right now I need one more just have two many pictures to pick from but I am pretty sure I know which one...

Those are the two for sure and this one might be the third one.... I think this is him soo much right now... I want to do all of his newborn pics but just dont have ones that are working out !!! it is either that or one of his feet!! Help... I just want them to be cohesive not just random pictures... so what do you think???

I still do owe you guys a sneak peak at some of the sessions I had two weeks ago.. So here you go!! I will first start with my nephews...

Then here is the shoot of my cousins baby's baptism pics and pictures of my goddaughter his sister!!

Well I think that is about all for right now!! I swear that I will post more and I will post the frames up on the walls (so you can see aunt joyce)!!!


Saturday, July 5, 2008


Yes we are all moved in!! FINALLY!!! Now we are just getting boxes unpacked and things settled into. Today we got all of our clothes put away in our walk in closet!! I love it!! All organized and a place for everything. So on the big check list we have checked off....


Jaemen's Room ( even though I cant hang up his clothes yet) ... Yeah dont mind the boxes and mess every where still I am getting to it..

This is our 200 dollar frig.. WE LOVE IT!! What a great steal huh??

So there is a little sneak peak into the new house!! We are loving it just getting used to the whole thing still though... As for the fourth of July. Not to much went on in this house. Daddy had a split shift so that kinda ruined a lot of our plans. Jaemen and I stayed in the house and hung out most of the day! Then at night I and the grandparents just took him outside and watched some of the neighborhood fireworks. He loved them, just a complete stare!! So next year we will definitely take him to the fireworks!!

Well tomorrow I will have some pictures from my recent photo shoots!! But I am incredibly tired for tonight!! So until next time!!