Monday, August 25, 2008


Soo I have been told that I am slacking on the whole picture thing!!! Sorry :( I will get on top of that but I am pretty sure I am just slacking on the posting thing I do have pictures of him just not putting them on here! Can you believe he is going to be 9 months in 5 days??? My baby is growing so fast!!! He got to do his first of many trick or treating!!! I know it is a little early but his grandma has many chances to do trick or treating and this one was not the time to do it since the temperature was 90 degrees and the kids were all sweating or not even wearing their costumes. Jaemen got his first sucker and was very content the rest of the time....

and sucked on that with the wrapper on for quite some time... We also took the twins around but they were among the children that could not wear their costumes because they were to hot!!!

We were almost done with the little loops that we were going around and all of sudden I say trick or treat and look down to see this... (all the excitment he couldnt hold on any longer)

I hope that helps with the picture withdrawl!! hehe... My birthday is on Friday. WOW!! I will be 23 that is crazy I am getting old. I am also going back to school on wednesday and this is going to be a very hard semester not a lot of classes but a large load of labs!!! That is what takes forever!! Not to much esle is going on in this household. We are still getting the house together and getting comfy but it is just about there. Tomorrow I am finally getting my picture frames up and then I will be happy!!

I have also gotten some scrapping done which I am proud of...

`This one isnt quite finished I need a white marker to write all of his milestones but you get the picture...This is a card for my grandparents 60th anniversary!!!

Thanks for looking!!!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Going to get Sherrow...

No more just mommy and son!! I have loved the time me and my son have had time to bond, BUT I am sooo ready to have help again. I have seen my son go from stationary to mobile and seen his whole personality change because of that. He has gotten two new teeth and started walking around tables. Like I said I cant wait for his Daddy to come home.. Here is a picture though, that my beloved friend Meagen took of me and Jaemen last weekend, to commence our 2 weeks together!! at the park!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Projects!!!

I have been working on some projects and just thought I should show you two of them... With Sherrow being gone I really wanted to get a lot more done but I didnt get the frames up and I didnt get a washer/dryer but those will be happening very soon!! I have also had a little time to get some scrapping done in my NEW ROOM YEAH!! So there is also a picture of that too.. i want to get some cards done for some people here real soon too. So keep checking your mailbox to see if you are one of the lucky people. Eventually I will get one to everyone but I owe some people some thank yous!! Here are some pictures...

This is going to soon have a king size bed under it and actually matching bedspread but I havent done everything cause we are trying to get a new bed!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jaemen is Crawling @ 8 months!!

This is really for Sherrow but of course I was going to post this anyways... Anyone got gates?? I am pretty sure we are going to need them here REAL soon!! Jaemen has went from barely moving and falling over last week before Sherrow left to rocking on Sunday the 26 and not being able to get the get his leg out of the way to move, to the 30th draging a foot the behind to full out crawling and trying stand on everything!! Enjoy!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Toodler some

Then mom stopped and took sometime to pose for me also..

Guess who is on the MOVE...

You guessed it!! Our little Jaemen... He was out in the living room and officially made it to the kitchen with me! It is time child Proof my house! I have a lot of the plugs already child proofed but everything else needs to be. And with me doing new projects everyday, it is hard to keep in closed when you dont have a door on the craft room. Err.. Right now I am...

1.) Painting My ScrapRoom,

2.)Painting the shelves that are going in there,

3.)doing a design for above the bed

of course mine is going to be on my white wall. I cant wait to see how this is going to turn out. I will post the pictures later!! This is going to go right above the bed so of course no table or anything but I do think I am going to do some of the daisies for my scrap room I think that will be cute!!

Anyways.. Back to Jaemen... He really isnt "crawling crawling" he is doing it his own little way. He get almost into the stance to crawl but still has his leg under him and then just scoots along on that leg. It is so cute! It takes him a minute but if he wants something he is going to get it!!

That is about it for right now... I will post more later with update pictures of the scraproom and or our bedroom!! Love everyone!!!