Friday, November 13, 2009

Scrapbooking update...

Of course with Sherrow gone, I have been getting a little scrapping done. I am hoping to get a little more done tonight or tomorrow night since I cleaned and organized my room a little again today...

Wow... Let me say that again.. WOW!!! I havent showed you guys a page in quite some time. My last post with a page was September!! So I guess I have a few to show you!! Well I guess I will go most present to oldest.

This layout has to be one of my favorites so far.. I really like this one!!! Hope you do too!!!
Next, I just finished a layout from last xmas. Of the twins and Jaemen all wearing their Santa hats. I am hoping to get a picture again this Christmas and the next few christmas'. I think that would be pretty neat!!

Then yes of course my little boy is turning two here soon and this picture was when he was about 20 months... and Almost Two... Then last but not least. I created these when I did get some decent pictures of the twins... I swear I thought I posted these but I can't find the post. So if I have posted these I am sorry for the repeat but I wanted everyone to see these. Hopefully I can get more pictures of them from their first year and now to document more of there lives, like I am doing for Jaemen.

Having Jaemen's first album done is sooo satisfying to me! I love it. It is the first album I have ever completed and I really don't think it ever going to be completely complete. As you can see I am still adding to it!! But I have what I set out to do done. I am now working on more of his second album and already have 5 layouts done in that one. I know that others might not understand the whole scrapbooking world and think that I am a little obsessive about it sometimes. But I love that there is more then just pictures to look at and a story behind it. From this point on I really want to focus on more then just Jaemen in my albums and create a separate family album. So if on the holidays I ask you to pose for a picture!! Warning you might end up on my blog on a layout!!

Well until next time...

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