Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture Total...

So I have been wanting to do this for a while but of course I wanted it to get closer to the end of the year. This is a pie chart of every month and the amount of pictures I have taken each month. This figures do NOT include any phoot shoots that I have done with clients or with JJ. I usually put those into a separate folder by themselves. Pretty crazy and even though Project 365 tailed off in about August, I have been steadily taking pictures the rest of the time.

Some Stats:
Total pictures so far: 2,316
Largest month: July, Why? I am not totally sure.. Kristen was home so I did take some pictures of the kids... and Jaemen and I played a lot in the water this month but other then that it was like every other month just took A LOT of pictures.
Lowest month: August... And I guess I just took so much in July I thought it was time for a break.
Average: 210.54 pictures a month

I am sure that November and December are going to top all of those because of the holidays. November already has a great start but I also have not went through those pictures and deleted the bad ones.

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