Monday, December 7, 2009

What we have been doing??

First of all... I need to know if all of you guys on my email list are getting spam email. I have a source (meagen) haha that is getting emails trying to sell her sex tapes I think she said, they are coming I am pretty sure just how these emails are coming. Please go to the blog and answer the poll at the right to let me know.. if you guys are then I might be changing the blog over.

Ok.. On to the rest of the our lives. Jaemen's Dad and I have been WORKING.. Of course it is Xmas season and we have been working our little tails off. Other then that though we have taken out some time for a little fun...
We went to the Piston vs. LA clippers game on Nov 27th after Thanksgiving..
We have decorated our tree and rearranged our living room even though.. now we are thinking we should have done it a different way and Sherrow has been thinking he wants to lift the tree up with bulbs and all.. I wont let him.

Then, we had Jaemen's 2nd Birthday party... And he had a ton of fun. Here is the cake that I made him

And a couple of the presents that he recieved...

Other than that I have been working on a few things including some scrapbooking pages and a recipe book that is neater then my own writing and if something spills or spashes on it.. it wont bleed!

Problem is I need a picture for it all... Ahh hopefully the next cake I am going to make for JJ's last birthday hurrah will turn out. I have been wanting to make this cake for a while NOW!!

Until next time,


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